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Bill's Construction Paving Contractor in Warwick, Rhode Island. SuperMedia Content Disclaimer: Welcome to Bill's Construction Inc. Our paving contractor in Warwick, Rhode Island, is ready to serve your commercial, industrial and residential needs.

No matter what kind of project you have started, our contractor offers the asphalt services and products to make it a success. Bill's Construction Inc. is a family-owned paving contractor that was established in 1980. We offer complete services to our customers using the latest technology and equipment and the highest quality materials to provide superior first-class workmanship throughout Rhode I

No matter what kind of project you have started, our contractor offers the asphalt services and products to make it a success. Bill's Construction Inc. is a family-owned paving contractor that was established in 1980. We offer complete services to our customers using the latest technology and equipment and the highest quality materials to provide superior first-class workmanship throughout Rhode I

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If you're paving with asphalt, the mix will change depending on the application. For example, asphalt on a farm needs to be a little heavier, with about a foot of stone bad, about 2.5 inches of binder, and 1.5 inches of wearing. Most light commercial only needs 10 inches of stone base, 2 inches of binder, and 1.5 inches of wearing.


When you have large, heavy vehicles and equipment moving across your paved surfaces, it’s natural for them to begin wearing down faster than normal. Let us help you reinforce or replace these surfaces so they stay safe to use.


The great benefits of a asphalt driveway are that it is inexpensive to install in the beginning versus other materials, and that it is easy to repair if it does become damaged. Cost repairs are significantly reduced because you don't have to replace an entire driveway.


All asphalt begins as black. Over time, the materials oxidize, causing to acquire a grayish cast. If you want to restore that clean, black look and the surface is not damaged, a good asphalt seal coat will do the trick.


Did you know that a typical 20-by-40-feet driveway is almost half the size of a tennis court? It takes up about 800 square feet of the front or side yard, and whether you know it or not, that big concrete slab or a driveway plays a large role in your home's curb appeal and appearance.


A cost effective solution to high project costs for noise barrier walls is quiet asphalt, which has the ability to reduce road noise by up to 50 percent. For roadways that cut through residential communities, quiet asphalt is an effective and affordable option.


Do you know how long you should wait before driving on your new asphalt driveway? Although you can walk on it right away, you should try to avoid having automobiles on it for 3 days.


In the development of parking areas, the main goal is to provide the maximum parking capacity in the available space while ensuring both convenience and safety. Other considerations should include traffic flow and pedestrian visibility.


A common question about residential driveways is how long it will take to install. This will vary depending on what you want done, for example if you want asphalt or pavers, however most people are surprised by how quick the process is. Usually a brand new asphalt driveway can take less than 2 days.


Are you concerned that the cracked and crumbling state of your parking lot and walkways could leave customers with a negative impression of your business? Since everything about your building and service can impact your overall brand, let’s work together to keep your paved areas in good repair.


We recognize that not every homeowner is happy with the drab grey appearance of a standard concrete driveway in front of their house. When you need something blends in a little better, we’re always happy to help you evaluate the options.


Drainage considerations are important when it comes to paving roads and other municipal surfaces. Water that’s allowed to remain on top of the asphalt road will weaken the surface, over time creating potholes, cracking, and rutting.


Accumulated dirt, sand and debris are more than unsightly, they’re abrasive and can shorten the lifespan of asphalt, concrete and other paved surfaces. To help make your paved surfaces last, make sure they’re cleaned and resealed on a regular basis.


Warm mix asphalt is a relatively new technology that allows for hot mix asphalt pavement material to be mixed and applied to the road at a lower temperature. In fact, reductions of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit have been documented with this new mix.


Asphalt is known by a variety of names in the United States-asphalt pavement, blacktop, macadam, asphalt concrete, tarmac, bituminous concrete, and plant mix, to name a few.


The tinted liquid formulas used for colored, stamped concrete pavements were devised when homeowners were so pleased with the outdoor results, they began requesting concrete flooring indoors. These formulas are versatile, create no dust, and are used both indoors and out.


In order to create a healthy fairway for golfers, many courses these days have a paved cart path. This runs along the side of each fairway to the green. This allows golfers an easy path to their balls while also keeping the course green.


For new highway construction, not only must the surface be properly graded to promote water runoff, but the water has to have a place to go. When we begin our surveys, we will make recommendations as to the best way to handle runoff.


Permeable asphalt is not subjective to the same freeze/thaw cycles as cracked, impermeable asphalt. With permeable asphalt, the bed is prepared in a way that allows water to soak deep into the ground, away from the asphalt.


Did you know that today, asphalt pavement covers more than 94 percent of the paved roads in the United States? Asphalt offers a smooth, durable driving surface that’s low cost and easy to maintain.


Because asphalt is more flexible than concrete, it's an excellent material for a driveway or patio for your home. You won't have to worry about expensive damages to repair when the ground contracts during the winter and expands during the summer.


Do you absolutely hate the way asphalt reflects heat during the summer months? Remember, we have other materials available to use that won’t be so difficult to walk on without shoes.


Industrial parking lots and those designed primarily for trucks are going to require a thicker pavement design. In addition, due to the heavy loads, it’s recommended that untreated aggregate base courses not be used.


Asphalt, like concrete, needs time to cure to reach its full strength and durability. Most asphalt driveways can be used within two or three days, but it may take 30 days or more for the paving to fully cure.


When it comes to modern paving practices, the term “emulsion” refers to a mechanically produced combination of ingredients that don’t normally mix. For instance, an asphalt emulsion is created when the warm asphalt is mechanically milled into minute globules that are then dispersed into water along with a small amount of an emulsifying agent.


Modern tarred roads were the result of the work of two Scottish engineers, Thomas Telford and John Loudon McAdam. Telford designed the system of raising the foundation of the road in the center to act as a drain for water.


Before seal coating is applied to your commercial parking lot, the surface is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris and any cracks filled. Two coats of a commercial grade coal tar emulsion are then applied, filed by the sealer itself.


It’s important to remember that any injuries that visitors incur while on your property could be your legal liability. If you want to ensure that the condition of your sidewalk doesn’t cause anyone injury, it’s a good idea to have us repave it when there are signs of trouble.


For building roads, there is actually a formula to determine the required depth of base. It’s generally recommended that you put in three-quarters to one inch of gravel for every foot of width. In this case, a 20 foot wide road should have a 15 to 20 inch gravel base.


One common misconception about asphalt driveways is that resurfacing techniques cannot be used to repair cracks and holes, but the truth is that resurfacing asphalt driveways that have worn and degraded with time is an affordable, effective, and long-lasting solution to revitalizing asphalt driveways.


Having a cart path end on a slope is not a good idea. Carts will have a hard time stopping, players will find it difficult to get out of the cart, and starting a golf cart on a slope in wet conditions is nearly impossible.


To achieve the attractive look of pavers without the time or expense, consider stamped concrete or asphalt. Both materials can be stamped and colored to emulate a range of traditional paving materials, including brick, granite, slate and cobblestones.


While a few cracks in the parking lot asphalt aren’t a big deal, letting your lot fall into disrepair could make it difficult for customers to come see you. If you’re concerned that your lot may be a treacherous place for people to park, we’re always ready to repave it for you.


Once your new asphalt has been installed, it’s important that you properly maintain it to keep it looking its best. The general recommendation is that you seal your new asphalt after one year and then every 2 to 4 years thereafter, depending on traffic volume.


To make Warm Mix Asphalt, WMA, additives like wax or water are mixed with the binder to make it mix at a lower temperature. The advantage is that it can be laid at a lower temperature, meaning it can be used sooner.


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