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Our paving contractor in Warwick, Rhode Island, is ready to serve your commercial, industrial and residential needs. No matter what kind of project you have started, our contractor offers the asphalt services and products to make it a success. is a family-owned paving contractor that was established in 1980. We offer complete services to our customers using the latest technology and equipment and

Our paving contractor in Warwick, Rhode Island, is ready to serve your commercial, industrial and residential needs. No matter what kind of project you have started, our contractor offers the asphalt services and products to make it a success. is a family-owned paving contractor that was established in 1980. We offer complete services to our customers using the latest technology and equipment and

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Ever wonder why petroleum products (such as oil spots and gas spills) cause such damage to asphalt pavement? This is because asphalt is a petroleum product itself and thus has poor resistance to it.


Your asphalt may be black, but it’s also green. Many residential paving projects can be designed to use recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) aggregates and cold or warm mix asphalt processes that save energy and reduce emissions.


Technological advances have lead to the development of permeable paving surfaces. When correctly installed, they prevent excessive water run-off after rains by allowing water to filter through the asphalt into the ground below.


Asphalt reclaimed through cold milling can be repeatedly reused. It can be crushed and used as aggregate, mixed with stone to create a base, recycled in hot mix processes, used for shoulder surfacing and lane widening projects, and used as part of patching or maintenance efforts.


It's easy to think all asphalt is asphalt, but you have different choices when paving your driveway. Roads, for example, usually use a Class 2 Mix that's a ½ inch mix, but many people prefer the smoother look of a Driveway Mix that's less than ½ inches.


It’s important to remember that the condition of the outside of your building is just as important to your corporate image as the inside is. If you have crumbling paved areas, having them quickly repaired can help you avoid sending the wrong impression to potential customers.


Did you know that today the United States has more than 2 million miles of paved roads and highways stretching across the country? Interestingly, 94 percent of these roadways are surfaced with asphalt pavement.


Has your driveway been resurfaced several times with hot mix asphalt, yet it keeps deteriorating prematurely? In this case, there is likely a problem with the foundation and you will most likely need to have a whole new driveway installed.


One of the latest techniques for repairing asphalt pavement is using infrared heat. This method softens the affected area, is scarified, and then filed with new asphalt and leveled and compacted to create a seamless repair.


If you are going to seal coat your driveway, it must be completely dry. We recommend you do not water or wash the surface for at least twenty-four hours before and after having the seal coat applied.


When you’re in the process of designing a new commercial or residential building, it’s very important to consider the layout of surrounding paved areas. If you need advice on the different options, we’re always here to help.


Chip seal is a popular choice for residential pavements. A layer of asphalt binder is applied on existing pavement and fine aggregate ships are pressed into the surface. With a decorative aggregate, chip sealing can add visual interest as well as extends pavement life.


Hilly golf courses make it easier for designers to hide the golf cart path, but they also mean the cart path will have to go over and around the hills. Fortunately, golf paving experts are able to give you a smooth path over and around any hills.


Paving sealant does more than restore that fresh, new look of asphalt. It also helps restore materials that make asphalt flexible so that it does not deteriorate. Resurfacing is another inexpensive restorative approach.


What exactly is hot-mix asphalt made from? As one of the most popular types of asphalt, hot-mix asphalt is created mainly from a combination of stone, sand and gravel mixed together with an asphalt binder that is derived from crude oil. The binder typically makes up about 5% of the mixture.


Did you know that the most popular angles for parking stalls are 45, 60, and 90 degrees? While they are the most difficult to maneuver within, the 90 degree parking angle tends to be most popular as it provides the most parking spaces for a given area.


With the decline of the Roman Empire, their extensive roadway system fell into disrepair as well. However, many of these roads survive to this day thanks to the superior quality and structure of their pavements.


Have you always wished that you could have the charm and beauty that comes with brick driveways without all the installation time and expense? Let’s talk about whether it’s possible to use other materials to create the impression of bricks in your driveway.


Not only does seal coating protect asphalt pavement against deterioration from UV radiation but also other harmful elements. This includes asphalt exposure to salt, chemicals, and petroleum products.


If you are having a turnaround driveway constructed, it would be a wise decision to distort the shape into a somewhat apple or oval shape instead of a true circle. This might require a little more space for the driveway, however you’ll find it easier to maneuver your car with.


For many years, builders imported asphalt from Europe, but in 1875, Edmund DeSmedt paved Pennsylvania Avenue at the behest of President Grant. DeSmedt used natural sheets of asphalt from the Trinidad Asphalt Lake, proving asphalt from the Americas was as durable as that from Europe.


Are you concerned that filling cracks in your driveway is going to be an ongoing issue? Since some types of paving materials can be more difficult to maintain, it may make more sense to repave the surface with a more durable material.


The word “Tarmac” actually stems from 'tarmacadam' and 'macadam,' one of the first asphalt paving mixes. The term now refers to pavement on an airport runway only, although it is the same as any other road that is paved.


When the paving is done on an airport runway, it's usually called tarmac, while the paving that's done on roadways is usually called asphalt. Actually, they're the same thing. The word "tarmac" comes from when macadam was strengthened by adding asphalt or tar to bind it.


Having a house on the top of a hill can be great for the view, but tough on getting there, especially in the winter. Fortunately, paving experts can help you lay out your driveway, then pave it perfectly, so you know you won't have any problems no matter what time of year.


Paving your parking lot with asphalt is faster and more cost effective than concrete. While the same amount of time is needed for grading and bed preparation, asphalt paving is laid down is far less time than it take to pour concrete.


It was the work of John Macadam that brought the first paved roads to the United States in 1823. The UK-born Macadam used a sloped sub-grade surface underneath a layer of angular, hand-broken aggregate with a maximum size of 75mm in two layers for a depth of about 200mm.


Golf cart paths are a key feature of any golf course. A good designer will have taken each hole's play into account when they planned the course, and a good paving expert will make sure the cart path matches the design to work perfectly.


Road mix surfaces refer to the mechanical mixing of asphalt and aggregate directly on the road bed. This forms a thin one- to four -inch surface. Then asphalt was often applied as an emulsion.


Since your parking area may be the first thing your customers see when they arrive at your business, it’s wise to keep it in good repair. If your parking area is full of cracks and potholes, we’re always happy to help you repair it.


Asphalt paving contributes significantly to noise reduction from tire traffic on roads and highways. Different asphalt blends are available that reduce noise-generating friction while still providing superior skid resistance.


An asphalt driveway is only as good as the base course. With good drainage and a well-laid gravel or rock foundation, the typical asphalt driveway lasts as long as 20 years. Resealing the surface every two years extends its life and maintains a like-new appearance.


When you’re running a construction business, you may be far too busy to deal with paving issues within your own business complex. Rather than trying to fit your repaving needs in around your customer jobs, bringing us in may be the more cost-effective solution.


Today almost two million miles of all United States roads and streets are paved with asphalt, which is made from the leftovers after all of the valuable elements have been removed from crude oils.


Do you ever worry that letting your club members drive their golf carts wherever they want could be damaging the grass? Adding paved golf cart paths could give your members a smoother ride without damaging the grass.


Many towns or cities have key shopping areas like main streets, or other commercial areas. These are a very visible part of your town, so you want to make sure they look good. A paving specialist can help repair your road so you make the right impression.


While asphalt bike paths, trails, and walking paths are preferred for their durability and low maintenance, the condition of asphalt paths is highly dependent on installation techniques. This is why DIY asphalt projects are not recommended, because of the level of experience and tools asphalt installation requires.


Some early roads were built using either brick pavers or smooth stones. Here, stone masons placed the pavers over a prepared bed to form the road and then used grout or concrete to hold the individual stones in place.


Concrete parking lots are readily contaminated by the oil, gas, and exhaust from the automobiles that park on them, making them unsightly and hurting the image of your business. Asphalt hides these discolorations and delivers curb appeal.


Are you concerned that the driveway you have installed today will force you to spend money frequently on repairs? While all paving materials will eventually require some form of maintenance, we’re always ready to help you identify the most durable and longest lasting materials to use on your property.


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