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Sewer line inspection cameras are highly specialized. They’re enclosed in watertight cases for protection against corrosives and solvents. They use LED lights to illuminate the pipe interior so they can capture and transmit real-time images through fiber optic cable to viewing monitors.


If you live in an older home, there's a good possibility that your pipes might be made from a porous material like clay. These materials break down more easily than modern ones, which can cause major problems with your plumbing. A sewer service company can inspect your pipes and tell you about potential problems before they occur.


The word “sewer” dates from the 1400s and is derived from the Middle French word "esseweur," "to drain off." Six hundred years later, the meaning remains the same: It describes pipe, conduit, or drain buried underground and designed to carry off waste water and matter.


It's easy to think that a clog is a simple, one-time thing that will completely go away once you've dealt with it, but clogs are the result of a dirty pipe. Full drain cleaning from a drain cleaning expert cleans the inside of the pipes and keeps clogs from happening.


Many home sewer systems have a drain line “clean out” that’s used to clear blockages from the main line. To locate yours, check for a "Y" shaped pipe near the foundation or a metal sewer cap designed to protect a cleanout buried in the yard.


When you think about how much stuff gets put down your drains, it’s not surprising that they occasionally clog. If you notice your drains starting to slow down, it’s best to have them professionally cleaned right away to avoid a bigger issue down the road.


Roots and other types of partial blockage in outside sewer lines or septic lines can cause drain problems inside the home. While this is sometime hard to detect, one sure sign is slow drainage and gurgling sounds when the sink or tub is emptying while the washing machine or dishwasher is running.


Believe it or not, problems with excessive fruit flies can sometimes be caused by a drain that needs to be cleaned. Fruit fly larvae live in standing water which is often in drains, so have your drain cleaned if you suspect this might be the cause.


Boston is home to one of the first regional sewer systems. Between 1877 and 1884, a mass drainage system was constructed to channel waste water from 18 cities and towns to Moon Island, where raw sewage was held until it was released with the outgoing tide.


Did you know that tree roots are the primary cause of sewer line clogs, particularly in older homes? A small camera can be sent down the pipe for a video inspection to determine where the clog might be located.


How does a grease trap work? As waste water enters the box- or barrel-shaped trap, it cools and sinks to the bottom. Waste oils and fats float to the surface, where they’re filtered and held by the trap.


Septic tank owners are wise to have their systems pumped at least every two years, as this can prolong the total life of the septic system. A routine septic tank pump also makes the septic system more efficient and less prone to system failure.


One common cause of sewage line blockages is the accumulation of grease, sludge, sand, and debris over time. High-pressure water jetting is one of the best ways to clear this sediment, flush out the system, and get your pipes working like new again.


It's important to get your sewer line cleaned right away anytime you suspect there may be buildup, like if you smell sewage or water drains slowly. Having a sewer contractor come in before sewage backs up will save you time and money in cleanup and repairs.


Your home's septic tank should be serviced routinely to keep it functioning properly. In addition, having your septic tank serviced before any real problems develop can save you thousands of dollars in costly repair.


Septic systems handle a lot of volume. Care to guess the amount of wastewater released by an average home septic system every 24 hours? If you guessed about 150 gallons worth, you're right.


What is the most popular type of material that is used to create pipes in the United States? PVC. This durable plastic is preferred for pipes because of its exceptional longevity. In 2005, the U.S. installed more than 6 billion pounds of new PVC piping.


The first sewer pipe manufacturer in the US began producing hexagonal clay pipe in 1849. Initially, the pipe was produced in two-foot lengths and unglazed. This changed in 1880, because glazed pipe was better able to resist clogging and withstand freeze-thaw cycles.


Twenty percent of U.S. homes are hooked up to septic systems. Care to guess how much wastewater is released by the nation's septic systems every 24 hours? If you guessed 4 billion gallons worth, you're right.


In the late 1940s, asbestos cement pipe (ACP) was introduced for sanitary sewer lines. ACP was abandoned in the 1970s after a series of line breaks demonstrated the pipe was particularly susceptible to the corrosive effects of waste water.


PVC pipe is light, easy to handle, affordable and comparatively easy to install, so it’s commonly used in sewer and drain systems. PVC pipes need to be treated with care since the material can be damaged by hot liquids, acidic compounds and solvents.


If you notice foul odors when your washing machine drains, it is caused by a sewer gas backup and indicates clogged, or partially clogged, drains somewhere in the system. Locating the problem and correcting it require the expertise of professionals.


Did you know that sometimes ordinary household objects can end up being the cause of a clogged drain? Sometimes when something like a marble or ring gets dropped down a drain, it can get pushed into where the drain gets slimmer or where there is a U-bend, causing the clog.


If a sewer drain clog is particularly stubborn and won’t respond to a drain snake auger, then water jetting is the solution. High-pressure water jetting systems are able to blast grease and clogs out of drains and leave your pipes in like-new condition.


Keeping drains cleaned out does more than allow water to flow out of sinks and tubs easily. As clogs develop, they attract insects that feed on the accumulated materials, and they will eventually make their way into your home.


The need for septic services is not new. Private, open cesspools were common in Paris until about 1800, so city leaders created a “nite soil” program to have waste collected, hauled, and dumped outside the city.


When it comes to professional drain cleaning, there are several factors that help determine the best method of cleaning. These include the severity of the buildup, the presence and location of any clogs, and the material that’s causing the buildup/clog.


A common homeowner misconception is that just about anything can be put down the garbage disposal. This is a big cause of clogged kitchen sink drains. A good rule: if it isn't something that can be chewed up, it isn't something that can go down the drain.


Even if you're very careful about what you put down your drain, it will still inevitably clog at some point. Minuscule particles, soap residue, and oils are some of the substances that will eventually build up and cause clogs.


Despite looking very solid and durable, the pipes inside and outside your home can be surprisingly delicate, especially if they're older. Fortunately, drain cleaning experts can review your pipes and issues to find the best and least damaging solution before proceeding.


One of the most common things that drain cleaning experts discover when they clean clogs out of drains is that the inside of the drains are corroded, usually as a result of improperly used chemicals. That's why, for best results, it's usually a better idea to call a drain cleaning expert.


A drain snake is a powered auger attached to a flexible metal cable. The corkscrew-shaped auger is run into the drain line until it encounters a blockage to grind up. Professional-grade augers are significantly more powerful than DIY versions.


While a clog may seem to suddenly appear, the truth is that clogs build up slowly over time, first slowing, then clogging your drain. Fortunately, these can be stopped before they become problems by regular drain cleaning experts.


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