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We provide our client's with a service, whether working with stamped concrete, colored concrete, decorative concrete, stained concrete, concrete sealing and proper methods applying long lasting concrete sealers. Contact us today for more information.


Too much water in a concrete mix will cause a weaker final product. Only so much water can evaporate before the mixture cures, so the less water, the better.


Mat-slab foundations, also called on-grade mat foundations, consist of a solid concrete slab that supports the entire area of a building. The foundation is usually just beneath the surface and will be thicker depending on the height of the structure.


Want to make sure that your parking lot is green? Then choose concrete over asphalt. Asphalt is petroleum-based, while concrete uses a mix of natural stones like limestone and clay. Concrete can also be extra green by being made with pieces of recycled concrete for aggregate.


During the repair of foundation, there is a chance that nearby landscaping may be affected. Generally, the replacement of such landscaping is not covered. Check with your contractor for more information.


When looking for places to garner LEED points, consider using manufactured concrete wherever possible. Depending on the nature of the project and application, prefabricated concrete can earn your structure as many as 25 points.


If you notice a crack in a wall that continues down to and along the floor may be a significant problem. Once we finish our inspection and evaluation, we will discuss what, if anything, needs to be done.


Are you concerned that recent changes will make your current concrete supplier less reliable than they’ve been in the past? When you’re looking to make a supplier change, we’d love to show you how we’re a good fit for your business.


The foundation of your home is likely constructed using one of the following types: brick, concrete block, poured concrete, preservative-treated lumber, or stone.


We realize that not every home you consider purchases will have the back patio or front porch of your dreams. Let’s talk about how we can help you transform your concrete areas with ease so that you’ll have a home you can appreciate inside and out.


What is mudjacking? Great question. As foundation contractors, we use the term to describe the process of pumping concrete (which we call mud) into the soil below a sinking foundation or slab to lift, level and stabilize it.


Did you know that concrete parking lots are much cheaper than asphalt parking lots? Due to the increasing costs of asphalt materials, in addition to asphalt maintenance costs, concrete parking lots are now much more affordable than traditional asphalt lots.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is world famous for its ineffective foundation, but did you know that the "Big Ben" tower in London also leans? It only leans at .26 degrees, while the Tower of Pisa leans 3.97 degrees.


The secrets of effective concrete construction techniques were lost for 1300 years after the fall of Rome in 476 AD. Concrete re-emerged as a building material in 1785, when French mason Francois Cointeraux formulated a cementitious mortar, which he used in conjunction with rammed-earth building methods.


How does concrete lifting work? The contractor drills holes into the sunken concrete slab at regular intervals and pumps cement slurry into the holes. As the slurry fills the voids below, it creates sufficient pressure to lift the slab to the desired level.


An important step in the concrete construction process involves curing the cement. Here, concrete surfaces are cured by sprinkling with water or by using moisture-retaining fabrics. A curing compound can also be used to prevent evaporation of water from the surface.


If concrete is improperly mixed and poured, it is not noticeable at first look. When it cures it looks like the work was done correctly, but problems arise quickly as the concrete begins to crack, flake, chip, and disintegrate. Trust professionals when pouring any size foundation.


Pozzolan is the name of an early concrete, which has been used for buildings and roads for more than 4000 years. Pozzolan is a true marvel. Made from volcanic ash, lime and aggregate, it bonds with stone, hardens in water, and grows stronger as it cures.


Precast concrete products are resistant to attack from termites and other infestations such as rats and mice. This is in stark contrast to organic building materials, which make the best kind of food for these types of creatures.


Concrete can be more than just the gray looking concrete that we are familiar with! Concrete can be stained different colors and even stamped into different shapes and designs to give the appearance of being different materials for much cheaper!


Because concrete is sold by the yard, you will need to calculate the amount before ordering. Measure and multiply the length, width, and depth of the area to determine the amount. Do not be surprised if your figure is a fraction of a yard.


Common signs of a damaged foundation include cracks in the sheetrock of a wall or in a brick exterior. Doors and windows may become difficult to close due to shifts in the foundation. Such damage can significantly lower the value of your home.


We realize that every project can be a little different, whether it’s commercial or residential. If you can give us an idea of what type of work it is you have in mind, we can provide expertise and guidance about the best and most economical ways to utilize concrete in your next project.


While concrete can bear tremendous loads, it doesn't perform as well when subjected to lateral forces. To make up for this shortcoming, a steel rebar skeleton is put in place in order to give the concrete structure the tensile strength it lacks.


If you spot foundation cracks that are more than 1/16” wide or you notice foundation movement that is new or sudden, they need to be inspected to prevent serious structural damage.


Whether you’re pouring a foundation, building a pool or repairing a parking lot, you’ll need concrete to complete the work. We’re always here to help you ensure you get the high quality materials you need.


Do not ignore foundation cracks in your garage, even if it is a detached building. These cracks can cause serious structural problems if not evaluated and they are allowed to grow unchecked.


When your business offers a concrete parking structures to employees and visitors, you’re liable for any damage that the structure causes to the vehicles within. Remember, having us make regular repairs to the structure can help you to keep it safe.


What if the pre-cast concrete needs to be replaced? In the very unlikely chance that the concrete will need to be replaced, then it is usually an easy fix. And the fix will not be expensive. Fixing pre-cast is very cost effective.


The first concrete road in the US was built by hand as a two-layered pavement system in 1891. The road, which is still in use, features a 4-inch base course made with 1.5 in. aggregate and a 4-inch wear course made with fine aggregate.


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