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Because concrete produces heat when it cures, and the heat can be trapped within the curing material, keeping it properly warm may only require covering it. However, when temperatures drop well below freezing, more elaborate measures may be needed.


For smaller homes, such as vacation and/or older homes, a foundation made up of a series of concrete piers can be common.


Cold weather concreting applies to any work done, especially curing, when the air temperature is at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the forecast calls for temperatures in this range and below, we will discuss the different options available to make sure your project moves forward.


Modern scientific advancements in product development have led to the creation of additives that can be mixed with concrete to allow foundations to be poured and cure properly even under adverse weather conditions.


Did you know that cement isn't really what gives concrete it immense strength? Instead, the strength comes from the aggregates (small rocks), and sand that are mixed with it. Essentially, cement just serves as a glue that holds everything in place.


If you’re considering adding a secondary parking lot for your building, you may worry about the aesthetics of paving over the green areas. While nothing is as lush and beautiful as grass, concrete paving can create an attractive contrast.


A kitchen in a restaurant produces a lot of grease, which could seriously damage sewers, which is why a grease trap is a common feature for modern kitchens. These need to take a beating, which is why precast concrete makes a perfect material.


In concrete construction, the strength of the concrete is based in part on the strength of the grade upon which it is placed. Generally, the grade is first compacted before the concrete is installed to ensure a solid base.


While foundation damage is something we all would rather not experience, it does happen. Fortunately, your structure can most likely be saved as professional contractors can offer you several ways to repair or otherwise rehabilitate a damaged foundation.


If you want a textured finish, we can help you with thatl. Finishes can be anything from a high polish to something rough. Patterns can be placed into the concrete by inlaying a design, stamping it, or scoring the concrete.


Erosion can strain a foundation by exposing the concrete to the elements, thus shortening its life. Keep dirt levels even around the slab, clear away leaf debris and seal any cracks as they appear.


Did you know that the use of flowable concrete fill over other fills actually improves worker safety? Workers can place the flowable fill in a trench without having to enter it, reducing their exposure to potential cave-in issues.


Looking to have a healthy area around you? Precast concrete products are naturally resistant to mold. You also don't have to worry about them giving off a lot of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making it much easier to breathe around them.


If you typically think of those giant gray blocked used in construction when you think of concrete blocks, you aren’t alone. What many people don’t realize is that concrete blocks can come in smaller sizes that feature different colors and patterns.


Avoid planting deep-rooted trees close to a house. Even if the root systems don’t crack the foundation, they will draw water away from the topsoil, and can dry out the concrete.


All concrete mixed at our central mix plant is computer controlled. This means that your product will meet not only your exacting standards, but also the code requirements that apply to the job.


Adding a concrete curb is a great way to raise the value of your property! In fact, concrete curbs give a driveway the kind of clean neat lines that translate in terms of property and resale value. Homeowners and real estate agents love curbs because they create…you guessed it, "curb appeal!"


It’s no accident the first concrete road in America was built by George Bartholomew in Ohio. In 1886, he relocated to and launched the Buckeye Portland Cement Co. in mid-Ohio because of its high-quality limestone and clay, two materials critical to cement formulas.


If there is a heavy construction project being performed on the property next to yours, or at a site on the block, make sure it is not damaging or undermining your foundation. We can spot potential threats.


For a long time, getting a hard, durable building that had a variety of shapes meant carefully carving and cutting stone, which drove up construction costs and time. Concrete changed all of that, since it can be molded to fit any shape, then it will cure to be as hard as stone.


The ground can only absorb so much water at a time, which is why a dry well is a great solution for runoff and storm water. These passive drainage mechanisms need to be able to last, which is why they're often made of precast concrete.


One of the most cost effective ways to save a cracked asphalt driveway is to rubblize it. This process starts with breaking down the driveway to create an interlocked matrix. A new layer of asphalt is added to produce a brand new, extra strong surface.


Precast concrete, or manufactured concrete, goes back to 1905. That's when a city engineer in Liverpool, England named John Alexander Brodie starting making buildings with pre-cast panels. Oddly, Brodie is also known for another invention: The soccer goal net.


One of the benefits of flowable fill is that it doesn’t form voids during placement. This eliminates the possibility of later settling or rutting under heavy loads.


Concrete curbing attractively separates traveled and untraveled areas in addition to helping strengthen existing pavement, protecting road edges against cracking and breaking.


Do concrete blocks always require mortar when concrete walls or pathways are constructed? No. Some types of concrete block designs – including keystone blocks – do not require mortar to create durable, low maintenance and long lasting walls and pathways.


The National Foundation Repair Association, according to its website, "is a professional national organization that exists to promote high ethical standards in the practice of foundation repair and to promote cooperation between the foundation repair industry and government."


Because it consists of calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron, modern Portland cement is classified as a calcium silicate cement. Portland cement includes eight primary and numerous specialty formulations, including the durable and attractive white Portland.


All new cracks to a foundation need to be evaluated when they appear. While some may simply be cosmetic problems, others may require careful monitoring to make sure they do not worsen, or they may require immediate repair.


One benefit of precast concrete is its natural resistance to mold, which greatly reduces health concerns from VOCs and off gassing. In addition, concrete structures are completely recyclable, making concrete an environmentally friendly building material.


If soil conditions are not ideal, then a pile foundation may be your best bet. Here, a series of concrete columns are piled well below the surface soil on solid sub soil, providing a much greater degree of stability.


When ordering concrete, obtaining the right mix depends on the compressive strength that will needed and is determined by the intended application. In addition, factor in whether the concrete will be reinforced.


There is evidence of a concrete like material that was used by the Egyptians about 3000 BC. They used gypsum mortars and mortars of lime. They also used mud mixed with straw to bind bricks when building the pyramids and they’ve lasted pretty well!


Self-consolidating concrete flows of its own accord, filling in and around spaces and reinforcements without any additional forces (such as vibration) being applied. To facilitate this, admixtures that modify the concrete’s viscosity may be mixed in.


A floating slab is one that is constructed on soil that has not been adequately compacted. Subsequently, water can get under the slab and cause the soil to settle, making foundation cracking more likely.


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