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Thank you LaVae for the opportunity to work with you on your house project, it has been such a pleasure to serve you.

We truly appreciate taking time to share your experience with Imperial Exterior Construction. We value your feedback and we are glad we could provide you with a positive experience!

🇺🇸God Bless The USA🇺🇸 We wish everyone a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!Our office will be closed on Monday, September...

🇺🇸God Bless The USA🇺🇸

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Our office will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2022, in observance of the holiday. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday.

Another project complete, ✅🙏🏻 Thank you Mrs & Mr Epstein! This is a beautiful full exterior remodel completed a few week...

Another project complete, ✅🙏🏻 Thank you Mrs & Mr Epstein!

This is a beautiful full exterior remodel completed a few weeks ago. We use a combination of high quality products and complimenting colors to restore the beauty of this house. Always thankful for the homeowners that trust us with their most important investment.

✔️Window Screen
✔️Gutter & Gutter Guards

It's our guys that make our brand great - Grateful for our installers and all their hard work! 💪👷‍♂️🔨Finishing this beau...

It's our guys that make our brand great - Grateful for our installers and all their hard work! 💪👷‍♂️🔨

Finishing this beautiful project! Another amazing turn out🔥- Thank you for your business.

Building relationships one house at a time. Thank you Mr. & Mrs Kupferschmid !!Another complete roof replacement finishe...

Building relationships one house at a time. Thank you Mr. & Mrs Kupferschmid !!

Another complete roof replacement finished and looking beautiful! When removing the old roofing system we ran into a number of problems that had to be rectified (one of them was bad decking.) The issues were addressed satisfactorily and homeowners were happy with the end results.

We’ll provide an honest and fair free assessment, if we notice you have damage we will assist you through the process of filing a claim. Feel free to give us a call/text or email us, we would love to answer any questions you may have! Our goal is to make sure you and your family stays safe and dry under your .


Happy 4th everyone!!

Happy 4th everyone!!

We want to say thank you to the Linton family for trusting us with their roofing project! We were able to help them to g...

We want to say thank you to the Linton family for trusting us with their roofing project!

We were able to help them to get approved for a FULL ROOF replacement PAID FOR by their insurance company due to wind damage that occurred to the shingles over the past year.

If you think your roof was affected by the rain, wind, or storms we've experienced lately, let us assist you throughout the restoration process.


In the unfortunate event that your home or business isimpacted by destructive winds or hail, Imperial exterior Construct...

In the unfortunate event that your home or business is
impacted by destructive winds or hail, Imperial exterior Construction is HAG wind and hail certified and is prepared
to help property owners by assisting in all aspects of storm
damage restoration and construction.

When you see our yard sign, you know we're working in the area! We're here to help.Contact us at (2178923482) or visit o...

When you see our yard sign, you know we're working in the area!
We're here to help.
Contact us at (2178923482) or visit our website to request an estimate

Thank you Mrs. Daniel for trusting in us with your house project! Your new roof and gutters looks great on your beautifu...

Thank you Mrs. Daniel for trusting in us with your house project! Your new roof and gutters looks great on your beautiful house.

Give us a call for all your roofing, siding and gutters needs!

217-892-3482 🏠

With the amount of snow we have and as temperature goes down, STAY WARM INSIDE!!!We're offering snow cleaning services f...

With the amount of snow we have and as temperature goes down, STAY WARM INSIDE!!!We're offering snow cleaning services from a driveway, garage, sidewalk, or pathway space.

We are equipped with all your snow removal needs.

Please text or email us for more information.

Thank you and please be safe!

Imperial Exterior Construction LLC
[email protected]

Hi Facebook friends, Let's welcome the year with positivity, The best is yet to come!!Our office will be closed Friday 1...

Hi Facebook friends,
Let's welcome the year with positivity, The best is yet to come!!

Our office will be closed Friday 12/31/21 and will re-open Monday 3rd normal business hours.

For more contact information please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Thank you!

Hello Friends & Family, we want to wish you guys a Happy Jolly Christmas eve!We would like to inform you all our office ...

Hello Friends & Family, we want to wish you guys a Happy Jolly Christmas eve!

We would like to inform you all our office will be closed Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th.
We will reopen Monday 27th normal business hours 8am-5pm.
For emergency contact please email us at [email protected] or call us at 217-892-3482
Thank you!

Here at Imperial Construction, we work until the last minute!Here are some before & after's of December projects Picture...

Here at Imperial Construction, we work until the last minute!
Here are some before & after's of December projects
Picture #1 roofing
Picture #2 Siding
We want to make a shout out to Laura Bear & Scott Ayers for allowing us to do business with them and trusting in our company!
Call us for a free room inspection!
Call us at 217-892-3482

Hello Friends,This is a friendly reminder due to the holiday our office will be closed November 25th & 26th. We will reo...

Hello Friends,

This is a friendly reminder due to the holiday our office will be closed November 25th & 26th. We will reopen Monday the 29th.

For any questions please email us at :
[email protected]

Have Happy thanksgiving & god bless you all !

☎️ Why Your Roof Damage Might Not Be Covered by Insurance

☎️ Why Your Roof Damage Might Not Be Covered by Insurance🏚🏠

Roof replacement can be prohibitively expensive for many homeowners. A new roof costs just over $7,000 on average in the U.S. but could cost up to a whopping $30,000 if your home has an expensive roofing material, is especially large or possesses a complicated roof shape or slope.1

In the event of a storm or falling tree, you would hope your homeowners insurance would cover basic roof damage. However, your insurance company may deny you coverage precisely because roof replacement is one of the costliest home repairs.

Caveat #1: Your Roof Is Too Old

You may assume your home insurance will cover your roof damage in the event of a fire or break-in, and in most cases, that’s a Is your roof too old to be covered in case of disaster? Find out by calling us today!

However, roof coverage might not apply if your roof is deemed “too old.”

In most cases, a roof will be considered too old if it is 20 years or older, as this is the lifespan of most shingle roofs in the U.S. Your roof may also count as too old if one of the lower layers is 20 years old and you had a new roof layer added on top of it, instead of paying for a full tear off and replacement.

Why is this the case? Simply put, an insurance company does not want to pay full price to replace a roof that was likely near the end of its depreciable life expectancy regardless of whether it sustained damage.

As an alternative to providing no coverage, your insurance company may pay for repair, but not replacement. They may also pay for the replacement of the roof at its actual cash value, taking depreciation into account, rather than the original value. If this happens, you will have to foot the rest of the replacement bill.

Before 🏚and after 🏠Hail damage is like a silent killer And often the damaging effects don’t take Place, until 2/3 years ...

Before 🏚and after 🏠

Hail damage is like a silent killer

And often the damaging effects don’t take

Place, until 2/3 years down the road

After we passed our filing period

And is no longer up to the insurance

Company to pay, but Us, the homeowners

This homeowner paid a $250 deductible

And got a $9,000.00 Integrity Roofing system

🏚🛑The 6 Roof Maintenance Tips Your Roofer Is Overlooking

🏚The 6 Roof Maintenance Tips Your Roofer Is Overlooking☎️

We all know our cars need regular maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation. But did you know your roof needs maintenance as well?

If you answered no, then you’re not alone. Most people don’t think about getting an annual roof inspection. The truth is, having your roof regularly maintained is critical to protecting your roof investment.

The team at Imperial Construction Roofing has been repairing, replacing, installing, and maintaining roofs in the Illinois/Indiana area for 10 years. We always inform our own customers about the importance of roof maintenance. But we never shy away from educating the public about the art of roofing.

In this article, you’ll find what roof maintenance is, how a roof is maintained, and why it’s important. Factors like preventative measures, maximizing your roof’s life, and giving you peace of mind will show how crucial it is to your roof.

What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance is the periodical checking of all the vulnerable areas on a roof that could be susceptible to having a problem. Depending on the type of roof, whether it be residential or commercial, it will be annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance.

When your local contractor comes out to do roof maintenance there are certain things they check right away. Below is a list of 6 of the most common ways your contractor maintains your roof:

Check pipe boots for cracks and wear: Cracked pipe boots are the most common reason for roof leaks. The drastic drop in temperature in the winter is when the neoprene (synthetic rubber) gasket around a plumbing vent stack is most likely to crack and create an area for water intrusion.
Remove debris from the roof, valleys, and gutters including sticks and leaves: If debris, such as leaves and sticks, are left on your roof, it can create a dam. This will cause the water to back up under the shingles and create a leak. Leaves in gutters can clog the downspouts or slow the flow of water which can cause the gutters to overflow and create unwanted moisture in the crawl space or basement.
Inspect the roof for animal intrusion: The attic in your home is the perfect safe home for many small animals. They can cause severe damage to a home by causing a leak, chewing on the electrical wiring (which is a common cause of house fires), and creating a biohazard with their waste. Early detection is the key.
Inspect ventilation for properly working fans or turbines or any obstructions in ridge vents: If condensation isn't vented out of your attic, it will dissolve the adhesives in the plywood decking. This will cause delamination of the layers which weakens the nail holding capabilities and possible shingle blow-offs in the future and possibly full decking replacement as well.
Inspect loose or missing caulking and all flashings: Caulking is essential to keeping exposed nail heads on roof pe*******on flanges (the exposed area on top of the shingles) watertight. It is also essential to keeping metal flashing in brick walls and chimneys watertight.
Have your chimney inspected by a chimney sweep that has been certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA): It is extremely important if you burn wood to have your chimney inspected every year by a CSIA Certified chimney sweep.

What Typically Causes a Hail Damage Claim Denial? Firstly, paying out claims isn't in the financial interest of any insurer.

What Typically Causes a Hail Damage Claim Denial? Firstly, paying out claims isn't in the financial interest of any insurer. Even though you pay premiums to protect your property, your insurer has a direct financial interest in offering low settlements, delaying them, or denying claims altogether.

What Kinds of Damages Can Hail Cause?
Hail size can range from a small BB up to softball-sized. At the larger end, hail can cause untold damage to everything, from permanent structures to vehicles.

Even at the small and medium (marble or golf ball sized) hail can cause significant damage. Some examples include:

Shattered windshields and dents on cars
Broken windows on homes
Damages roofs on homes and businesses
Damaged brick around homes
It is easy to see how the total cost of damages can add up quickly. What’s worse, these storms can occur multiple times throughout the year.

Dealing With Roof Damage Insurance Claims And Roofing Inspections

Dealing With Roof Damage Insurance Claims And Roofing Inspections

Roof damage insurance claims can often be tricky to inspect and prove your case. Some roofing damage is always covered by a home insurance policy, while other roof damage is not. We’re providing the most crucial tips you should know about roof insurance claims, dealing with a roof insurance adjuster, and handling an insurance roof inspection.

With that in mind, here’s a step-by-step on how a typical roof insurance claim works:

A windstorm or hailstorm hits your area. You check your roof after the storm and find significant damage.
Secure the scene and limit further damage. If there’s a hole in your roof, for example, then put a tarp over the hole to prevent further flooding or damage within your home.
Contact your insurance company’s 24/7 claims line to begin the roof insurance claim process. Your insurance company will setup a claim number for you and provide further instructions.
If your roof is severely damaged, then the insurance company might recommend getting a restoration company to your location immediately to secure the scene and limit further damage.
The insurance company sends an adjuster to your house to inspect your roof insurance claim, assess the damage, and determine what is and is not covered for your roof claim.
The insurance company processes your roof damage insurance claim, covering the cost of repairing your roof to its pre-loss condition, or replacing your roof, according to the terms of your policy.
This is how a roof damage insurance claim will be processed in an ideal situation.

In many cases, the insurance company will dispute certain aspects of your insurance claim. In this case, you might want to hire a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim and ensure you receive the maximum possible amount of compensation.

Thoughts 💭 of these Open Copper Roof ValleysAn Open or Closed Case for Roofing Valleys?A roof valley is a spot where two...

Thoughts 💭 of these Open Copper Roof Valleys

An Open or Closed Case for Roofing Valleys?

A roof valley is a spot where two roof surfaces meet. Each roof plane has a layer of shingles that need to smoothly intersect at the valley, even though they are laid at slightly different angles. Over the years, roofers and manufacturers have come up with a few different ways to install the valley and merge those two roof planes together.

The roof valley is a challenging part of the roof to install. The water from both roof planes is channeled into the valley, so it carries the most water. Therefore, the roof valley will see the most wear and is the second most likely spot on a roof to develop a leak. Manufacturers may require you to have a certain roof valley type in order to be covered by their limited warranty. So, your choice of roof valley installation method is critical to maintain your warranty and get the best longevity from your roof.

There are three main types of roof valleys: woven roof valley, closed roof valley and open roof valley. There’s also a subtype of open metal valley, called a California valley. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. We’ve compiled a quick chart that will help you understand the fundamental differences between them.

After the chart, we’ll go into detail about each type of roof valley, how to keep your valley well-maintained and what your options are if you need roof valley repair.

Hitting Birdies 🏌️‍♂️of this roof 🏚 on lakeshore dr

Hitting Birdies 🏌️‍♂️of this roof 🏚 on lakeshore dr


Does your insurance company have to replace your entire roof if your shingles have been discontinued and damaged in a storm? That is the question one of my readers asked and my answer is the same as always, it depends. In most cases insurance companies will replace your entire roof if you can no longer match the existing shingles such as t-locks. However, it depends on how the policy was written. Some companies are writing policies that will only repair damage and they don’t have to replace the entire roof, but only the plane that has been damaged even if the roof won’t match. Many times a hail storm comes in with a directional wind that only damages one side of the roof.

It is very important to understand your insurance policy! I have seen circumstances where the roof had multiple layers of shingles and the policy was written that the insurance company only had to pay to tear off one layer and replace it, even if building codes would not allow that. In other cases the policy is written so that the building needs to meet current building codes and in that case the insurance company has to pay to tear off all layers and even re-deck if necessary.

As with all things getting the cheapest insurance is rarely the best deal. It is important to ensure that your policy is written to cover bringing your home to existing building codes. This is important for interior work as well as exterior. Imagine having a small fire that damages your home, the insurance is required to rebuild that section and make it code compliant, but it is possible the building department will require that you replace wiring throughout the home to meet current building codes before giving you a CO (certificate of occupation) and that may come out of your pocket. In most cases the riders on the policies that cover code upgrades are very inexpensive, you just need to be aware of them and ask questions.

🚨Your home 🏚has been damaged by the ⛈recent storm this is what to do next

🚨Your home 🏚has been damaged by the ⛈recent storm this is what to do next⁉️

5 Steps to Take After Storm Damage ⛈

Storm Damage Repair Steps
Check Your Home for Damage
Review and Assess the Damage
Contact Your Insurance Provider
Avoid Additional Damage Where Possible
Choose the Right Contractor for home storm repair
1. Check Your Home For Storm Damage
After the storm has passed, you should check your home to learn the extent of the damage. Not all of it will be immediately obvious. Keep in mind there could be slippery areas, electrical lines broken and exposed, loose floor boards or ceiling tiles, etc. So before you do a thorough walk-thru, follow these safety tips:

How to Stay Safe When Checking Your Home After Storm Damage
Before going out, check the local news to make sure that your area is safe.
Watch out for hazards such as broken glass and exposed nails.
Always assume that downed power lines are energized and dangerous. Stay at least 10 feet away and alert the police and utility company.
Avoid standing water, particularly if there are nearby downed power lines.
Where possible, avoid checking for water or storm damage after dark. If you do so, carry a flashlight instead of a candle or other open flame. This will alleviate the risk of a fire or explosion from a damaged gas line.
Heavy winds and rain can create physical hazards such as collapsed roofing materials, window damage, collapsed walls or standing water in the basement or home interior.
If you do smell gas such as carbon monoxide—or suspect a leak—shut off the main gas line, open the windows, and immediately go outside. Notify the gas company and the proper authorities of the situation and don’t return until they’ve deemed your home to be safe.

Photos from HailTrace's post

Photos from HailTrace's post


Severe warning for baseball size hail, and 65mph winds… this is heading for Morris… hide ur cars…


Joliet: Tornado warning. Densely populated areas will see this tornadic storm.

Tornado warning for parts of Will county. Channahon, Joliet and Manhattan need to seek shelter now!

This storm has 70MPH winds too


A level 1-2 severe risk is present for a large part of central and NE IL Tuesday.

Main hazard is damaging winds as storms fire up along a cold front. These storms will form a line and drop south through the state.

Best chance for severe weather is in yellow, but strong storms are still very possible in the green.

Have a way to receive warnings and monitor for updates.

Hello friends,we like to inform y’all that our office will be closed on Monday due to the holiday.For any questions or ...

Hello friends,

we like to inform y’all that our office will be closed on Monday due to the holiday.

For any questions or concerns feel free to email us at [email protected]

Have a great weekend!!

How did this 20K roof get approved by the insurance company?

Is a Metal Roof Right for You?
Getting a new roof is a big deal. It’s an expensive purchase and has an important job to do. During your roof research, have you looked into installing a metal roof? In some situations a metal roof can be a big plus, for others, the negatives outweigh the positives. Let’s learn a little more and explore the pros and cons so you can decide if a metal roof is right for you.

What Are the Types of Metal Roofs?
Metal roofs are made of copper, steel, aluminum and other metals. Each material has unique characteristics and metal roofs typically come in two different styles: metal panel and metal shingle. One has a distinctive look that is clearly a metal roof and the other looks more traditional. The great news is, because the two styles are so different, you get to choose between a traditional look and a more contemporary style.

Metal panel roofing. This style doesn’t attempt to disguise what it is. Long metal sheets are seamed together vertically for a sleek, modern look. This works best on contemporary style homes and keeps the look fresh and linear.

Metal shingle roofing. This style is crafted to look like a traditional roof and comes with Spanish tile, wood shakes or slate options. They often have multi-layer factory finishes that can include granulated stone topcoats giving them a very authentic appearance. From the ground, this look can be indistinguishable from its traditional counterpart and functions the same as the metal panels.

What Makes a Metal Roof a Great Choice?
From longevity to a clean look, metal roofs have a lot to offer. This new approach to topping your house uses modern materials and techniques to give you a great product. So let’s look at what some of the benefits are and see which ones speak to you.

Longevity. The expected lifespan of a metal roof can be as long as the home’s. Most companies back their product for 20-50 years. And, if you have a paint finish on top of the metal, there’s typically a 30-year limited warranty for the paint. This gives you a long time to enjoy your roof without worrying about repairs or replacement.

Superior protection. A metal roof seals out water, high winds and sheds snow easily. If you live in a snowy climate and are looking to permanently stop ice dams, this could be your solution.

Durable resistance. The slick surface wards off some of the threats traditional roofs face. They’re better at resisting mildew, insects and rot. If you’re concerned about fires, a metal roof can also have a class A fire rating, which is the best rating possible. But if a metal roof is applied over existing wood shingles, then the rating could drop down as low as a C, it depends on what’s underneath.

Is synthetic felt paper neccesary for my roof⁉️🏠

FeltBuster® Synthetic Roofing Felt is a value-priced upgrade for typical asphalt felts that helps provide long lasting protection against wind-driven rain from infiltrating under your shingles. It's a key part of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System,1 and has even earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Roofing underlayment may not always be necessary, but many areas require felt or synthetic underlayment. It's important because it acts as a moisture barrier to protect your roof from rain and other inclement weather.

Because most synthetic roofing underlayment must be installed with cap nails or staples, and because these underlayments do not seal around the fasteners, they are typically considered water resistant


“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mister Rogers.

This week, my hometown of Gibson City was hit with an unprecedented natural disaster. In its history, Gibson City has never flooded as bad as it did. No amount of work and no drainage system could handle the water we got. We were left to the mercy of the storm. The area saw 10”+ of rain in a short period of time on Thursday Morning before the rain finally stopped.

The floodwaters were unimaginable. Some homes had over 4 feet of water on the first floor. Others had their basements completely submerged. Countless vehicles were stuck, stalled and flooded out. Roads were damaged. A section of railroad tracks was washed out. Trees were knocked down. 1100 customers lost power in the middle of the storm. The water was in places it’s never been before as the town turned into a river of water and debris, furniture, pictures, appliances, toys and more.

It’s hard to find anyone in town who didn’t have at least some damage. The water went where it wanted, destroying everything it touched. As the rain fell, the water flooded familiar spots in town. But the rain didn’t stop, and the water kept coming. It rushed with a vengeance and a fury never seen before in the area, eventually pouring into homes and businesses. It swept away cars, personal belongings, mementos and more, some being recklessly sucked out through front doors and windows. The water didn’t care whose lives it ravaged. From young to old, poor and rich, newlyweds to families, republicans and democrats, government officials and voters, business owners and front-line workers, factory employees, doctors and nurses, first responders, educators, farmers, athletes and more, the water was indiscriminate in it’s purge of belongings and homes in our town.

While Gibson City was hit hardest, the devastation was felt in surrounding neighborhoods and towns. Countless farmers were afflicted by the water, ruining a season of hard work. Other farms and homes in rural areas were left in the path of the raging waters as they swept away. Homes in Elliott suffered flood damage. Homes at Lakeview Subdivision south of town that once sat on its bank with a picturesque view found themselves in the middle of the Lake. Others found themselves cut off by the water, unable to get anywhere until it receded.

The damage done was catastrophic for many, but the incredible thing is nobody perished in the water. While the water swept away belongings and memories without regard, it seemed to spare the lives of those most vulnerable who were trapped by rising water, giving just enough time for anyone and everyone to do what they could to save those who couldn’t save themselves. The water overwhelmed first responders so much that neighbors jumped into action to save others, ignoring their own homes being overwhelmed by the water. Boats used for fishing and recreation turned into lifelines and ambulances, helping move those who were trapped. Eventually the rain stopped, and slowly the water fled. But it has left a lasting mark on the community that will be told about for generations to come.

The helpers were everywhere during the peak of the disaster. Churches opened their doors to provide what they could for those afflicted, even though some of them had flood damage themselves. The school district offered their doors to those who had nowhere to go and offered childcare services for anyone who needed it. The American Legion served as a gathering place for those helping and those who were helped. Mutual aid from fire departments in the area brought boats, medical supplies and more to provide aid for many. The hospital treated injured, helped transport residents to get supplies and worked to get medication to those who needed it. City workers drove backhoes and dump trucks into the water to reach those who couldn’t be reached.

When the water receded, Police officers hurried in from countless departments and agencies to help rescue residents, protect belongings, and provide security in the ruined neighborhoods, treating our town like their own. Neighbors jumped in to help others pull ruined furniture and more from basements and living rooms. High school football players banded together to clear out the debris, even though many of their homes were flooded. The tennis team went to the parks to clean up. Neighborhood kids worked together to help spread soaked photos and mementos, drying them with delicate care and ease.

While many helped with physical labor, others helped by baking pies and cooking casseroles. They did it because food is love in small towns, and hard work moving furniture and clearing debris cannot be done on an empty stomach. The American Legion worked to organize meals for first responders and flood victims, opening its doors as a gathering place and a spot to forget about the damage for a moment. Some fired up grills and cooked what they could for neighbors who lost everything. Cooks in town turned on the ovens in their restaurants to make sure nobody was hungry. Businesses in surrounding towns banded together to gather truckloads of bottled water to make sure nobody went thirsty, bringing them unannounced once they could get into town. One family was baking apple pies from the trees in their little orchard, bringing them to town and dropping them off at some of the hardest hit homes. The love and compassion baked in pies, cookies and cakes, casseroles and crock pot dishes and poured into bottles of water won’t fix what happened, but it does provide a much-needed moment where love and grace brings people together, filling bellies and hearts alike. The helpers are everywhere in our area, and they’ll be everywhere for a long time.

The disaster to our small town is far from over. There will be pain and suffering for a long time. Many lost some, but some lost all. Some homes and apartments may be condemned and razed, while others will be stripped of everything. Front yards will be filled with memories and years of hard work, turned into nothing in just a few hours. But the helpers who will continue to bring in supplies, furniture and food will help our town get back on track. Churches and church groups from all over the region have made calls asking, “what do you need, and what can we do to help?” Companies have began collecting supplies that will filter into town in due time. People from miles and miles away are working to collect items and donate money. Funds are being established at local banks to help those less fortunate. A page, “Gibson City Community Flood Relief” was started where people were offering free items for anyone who needed them.

It will be weeks before the debris is carried off, months before the rebuilding begins and years before some will recover. While we will do everything to help ourselves, the help from our neighbors and the grace from our God will help our small town grow back stronger than ever. And while maybe for a time the flood water physically divided our town, the love, compassion and selflessness is bringing our town closer together than ever.


601 Galaxy Street
Rantoul, IL





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