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Klamath Pump Center Klamath Pump Center, Inc owner has 50+ years experience in all aspects of domestic, irrigation and geothermal repairs We carry most quality brands of irrigation including Goulds, National, Berkeley, and Hydroflo.

We also offer well testing services and carry a wide selection of parts. We are happy to service your system or sell you a new system. We are both residential and industrial experts. geothermal repair. We are an Energy Trust Ally. Please feel free to call us with your questions.

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Once we have your design, we can produce and reproduce your product whenever it is needed. This allows you greater control over your parts inventory, which spreads out costs and keeps overhead at a more manageable level.

New pump truck

New pump truck

New pump truck


Line boring provides an ideal solution for many machining processes. This includes changing or upgrading rotors, modifying intermediate components, and installing high-performance hydraulic coupling bolts.


Laser machining is a manufacturing process that can eliminate the need for traditional machining. It is faster, more precise, and also less expensive than traditional machining methods. Finally, laser machining is a real time saver, and this also translates to more savings!


If you have a big project coming up, you may be concerned about whether your staff welders will be able to complete their work on time. Give us a call and we'll see if we can help you meet that deadline.


CO2 lasers, the most popular laser used in laser cutting, are often "pumped" by allowing a current to be passed through the gas mix. This can be a DC-excited gas mix or an RF-excited method. Since the DC method requires electrodes within the cavity, the RF (radio frequency) method has become more common.


“The matter of design of the driving mechanism for the hob and the work is a difficult one. Not only must it be rigid for the sake of accuracy, but careful attention must be given to durability as well.” (Hobs and Gear Hobbing, John Edgar, 1914)


Laser-cutting acrylic allows for rounder edges, smoother surfaces, and the ability to create more intricate designs. When using a laser to cut acrylic, the results are higher-quality products with very few chips and scratches.


Our SMS slitters are constructed of steel tube framing and a 3-ply Teflon coated conveyor belt driven by 5HP air motors. We offer the latest in enclosed rod-less cylinder and bearing system technology.


What are the four main techniques of traditional machining? Turning machining that is used to create cylindrical parts, milling machining that cuts away material, drilling machining and grinding. Many of the techniques used for these traditional machining operations have been in use for over 100 years.


For high quality results and faster throughput, parts produced from thicker metals require high powered laser machining capacity. While lower powered lasers may technically be able to handle the task, both speed and cut quality are adversely affected.

New to company

New to company

New to company


One of the benefits of a fiber laser is reliability. These lasers are very stable even at high temperatures and resist vibration very well. They also consistently provide more power thus making for cleaner and faster cuts.


When it comes to shaft alignment, we consider a number of different factors when determining the optimal tolerances for your equipment, such as operating speed, thermal movement, spacing, and coupling type.


The first laser-cutting machine was produced in 1965. Made by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center, this early cutting laser was used to drill holes into diamond dies. This technology was then improved upon in 1967 when the British came up with the first laser for cutting metals.


Our SMC slitters offer programmable quantities, manually controlled as well as pre-programmed cuts, and complete and fully-guarded operator safety features including E-stop switches on both sides of the operator’s station and fail-safe reset processes.


What are the three main factors, in addition to the type of material being worked, that affect turning machining processes? The depth of cut, the feed which is the rate the tool advances on the cutting path and the speed of the spindle and work piece, usually measured in rpms.


A common type of laser cutting uses a gas laser made out of CO2. This type of laser can only cut non-metal materials as its wavelength is higher.


What national organization is involved with the design, manufacture and application of gear technology, both in the U.S. and abroad? If you guessed the American Gear Manufacturers Association, you're right.


Did you know that the beam of a machine shop laser is only about 3/4 of an inch in diameter? In fact, as it travels through the light resonator, the single color, single wavelength laser is bounced using "beam benders" before being focused onto the metal plate.


When your next project requires the use of some unusual equipment, you may not know who to turn to for parts fabrication. We’re always happy to discuss how we may be able to accommodate your custom part needs.


With harder plastics like acrylic, a plastic-cutting laser machine can create more intricate shapes and designs with very little resistance. This results in minimal wear and tear on both the machine and the material being used.


Milling uses a cylindrical cutting tool to remove material, which is similar to drilling and cutting. It removes material from the base material, which will advance in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool.


Our precision boring services enable convenient re-boring and repair for a variety of equipment. We are able to perform all of our repair services onsite for your convenience.


While it might be a tough pill to swallow, many machining mistakes are caused by human error. These errors, stemming from manual machining methods, often result in lost time and increased costs that could have been avoided had more efficient computer-guided equipment been used.


What is the only metal that will melt when held in the palm of your hand? Gallium. This extremely soft silvery metal has a melting point of 85.57 degrees Fahrenheit. And unfortunately while it is a beautiful metal, it could never be machined because of its very low melting point.


When the stamping or machining processes in creating custom designed machinery cannot meet our customer's design specifications, we suggest our laser machining process, with tolerances up to .002 inches and consistency cuts to within .002-.003 inches.


Have you run into a pump issue at your waste water treatment plant that even your most senior employees can’t fix? Whether you need your pump repaired or replaced, we’re here for you.


The word "pinion," as it relates to the gear in an assembly with the fewer number of teeth, comes to us from the Latin for "bird feather." It also means to secure, hold or bind.


The laser kerf, or the amount of material a laser cutter burns away, is dependent upon the material that it is cutting. Factors such as the material’s thickness and its properties can affect the kerf.


In press braking, sheet metal is fed through a press, which is designed to compress the metal into a v-shaped groove in order to create a bend. This sheet metal fabrication process is typically used for bending sheet metal in defined angles.


In the machining industry, you may have encountered the label CNC. This is shorthand for Computer Numerical Control and refers to machining tools that are programmed and operated through computers, rather than using manual processes.


Did you know that steel is an alloy, or mixture, of iron and carbon? And, only about 2% of carbon is added to iron to create strong steel. If too much carbon is added, the steel will become brittle.


Running your business well means not wasting money when you don't have to. So when a key part breaks on a machine, you don't have to worry: Custom machining and machinery can make you a replacement for much cheaper than a whole new machine.


Without welding, there are many things in the world today that we wouldn’t be able to use, like the bridge across the Sludwia Maurzyce river in Poland. That bridge, designed by Stefan Bryla of Warsaw University of Technology, is the first road bridge that was built using welding.


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