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If you are remodeling your home, our licensed contractors provide a number of remodeling services including drywall, tile work, cabinetry, and roofing. We also specialize in plumbing repairs, including locating and repairing water leaks, drain cleaning, and water heater replacement. Our HVAC services include installation and repair, gas line replacement, and refrigeration. Cleanliness is an important part of home and business maintenance as well, so we offer commercial and residential carpet cleaning.


The most common shapes for stainless steel commercial sinks are square and rectangular, although this should be chosen based on the functionality of the sink. It’s important to determine your needs ahead of time so that you choose a bowl that’s deep and wide enough.


Toilets by the numbers: The number of residential toilets currently located in the United States is reported to total approximately 222 million.


In 1857, the city of Charleston built a sewer system constructed of wood and brick. Designed level with no slope, it was 2.6 miles long and capped at each end with tide gates so sea water could flush the pipes at high tide.


If you are in the middle of a home renovation, it’s a good idea to have any temporarily exposed pipes professionally inspected. This way, you can determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed, which can save you substantially on repair costs (because the walls are already open).


According to experts, an estimated 10 percent savings on sensor-operated faucets in commercial settings can be calculated for LEED. These devices have been show to help reduce water use in high-traffic areas.


If you’ve recently purchased a new building for your company, it’s smart to have the plumbing systems thoroughly inspected before moving in. This will ensure that your employees aren’t inconvenienced if we need to install new plumbing equipment to replace those that aren’t up to code.


Leaky faucets can be the most annoying thing in the middle of the night while you’re trying to sleep. Instead of putting off the repair, let us come out to take care of this, so that you can start getting a good night’s sleep again.


Although some plumbing system repairs can easily wait until your cash flows are stronger, others will be more immediate in nature. When you need someone to help you understand exactly what kind of expense you’re looking at, we may be able to help.


What famous scientist said he'd become a plumber if he had his life to live over again? If you guessed Albert Einstein, you're right. When it comes to career choices, it's all relative.


There are many ways to upgrade your commercial plumbing system and boost water efficiency in public areas. This includes the installation of ultra low-flow aerators on all faucets, sensor operated faucets in washrooms, sensor operated urinals, and low flush toilets and flush valves.


One of the benefits of video pipe inspection is that the camera allows us to actually see the interior condition of the drain line. This level of detail allows us to quickly and accurately identify any problems as well as the best way to proceed.


It’s important to remember that building codes can change significantly over time. If you’ve recently purchased an older building to use for your business, you may want to have us install new plumbing equipment to ensure you don’t end up with hefty fines.


Did you know a plumbing contractor can install your gas and electric hookups for your new home or commercial property? In fact, this is the bread and butter of most plumbing contractors! Note, this necessary service should only be done by a professional as it can be hazardous.


Having automatic faucet controls or flow restrictors/aerators installed is a great way to upgrade your commercial plumbing system. A metered faucet will either deliver a pre-set amount of water and then shut off automatically or is electronic and shuts off when the user moves away.


Did you know there are dual flush toilets on the market now? Instead of one handle, they have two (or two buttons), one for liquid waste and another for solid waste.


Advances in plumbing-related fixtures and systems have led to many environmentally friendly products specifically for commercial buildings. Among these are tankless water heaters, automatic shut-off water faucets, low-flow toilets, and waterless urinals, all of which can reduce costs and ecological impact.


A toilet flush may not be the most exciting image, but it has inspired controversy. In old films, toilets were seldom depicted at all, and when they were, they were never seen in mid-flushed. Care to guess in what year the first film flush occurred? If you guessed 1962, you're right. The film was "Psycho."


PEX pipe offers a range of advantages for commercial buildings. Unlike CPVC pipe, for instance, there’s no need for torches, glues, solvents or special gauges, so the piping can be installed more quickly with predictable, reliable results.


Is your kitchen sink clogged from grease? Try pouring 1/4 cup of dish detergent down the drain, followed by boiling water 20 minutes later. This simple method should clear your drain instantly!


When your plumbing is clogged and goes down, it often means your business does, too, and that means a lot of costly downtime. A commercial plumbing pro understands this, and will work hard to fix your plumbing as fast as possible.


Dishwashers have a valve called a "solenoid," in addition to other electronic devices that shut the water off in an instant. The sudden stop is caused by the water hammer, which may cause a rattling sound.


Upgrading to better materials for pipes in your home is not as expensive or as problematic as you may think. Copper is considered the best material to use, is moderately priced, and will last for decades – lowering its costs through longevity.


We recognize that some people treat a company bathroom much differently than they would their bathroom at home. If you’re tired of wasting water because people can’t seem to turn the handles all the way, you may want to consider switching out your fixtures to something automated.


When the overall productivity of your business depends on an efficient and successful building renovation, you can’t afford to work with a general contractor who doesn’t understand the nuances of commercial plumbing. Rest assured that we’re ready to step up and lend a hand when necessary.


Did you know that your tank water heater pulls energy throughout the day to keep the water inside heated to the appropriate temperature? This means you’re spending money to heat water even if you go out of town!


Do you ever worry that the plumbing installation crews you’ve worked with in the past won’t understand the complicated layout of your medical gas lines? Remember, we’ve got the experience necessary to help you ensure a proper installation.


Is hard water common in America? According to the U.S. Geological Survey, about 85 of all homes in the country have water with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. A water softener will remove these minerals, which can clog up pipes and appliances over time.


Did you know that approximately 25 percent of your utility bill pays for water heating? With a tankless water heater, you can save 10 to 15 percent of the cost to heat water in your home.


Are you concerned that having your plumbing installed incorrectly in other buildings has led to costly repairs later on? Let’s talk about the issues you’ve experienced so that we can help you ensure that your new building’s plumbing doesn’t experience similar issues.


If your plumbing isn’t up to code, it can cost you your business license, even if you had no idea what was wrong. Every installation a commercial plumber does is up to code, so you will never have to worry about them costing you your license.


There are many different benefits that can be achieved by commercial restroom upgrades. Not only are these types of upgrades designed to bring your facility into compliance with local regulations, but they can also introduce water- and money-saving technology into your facility.


We recognize that few things are as frustrating as taking an ice cold shower in the morning because your teenager drained the hot water. Rest assured that there are hot water heaters that can provide you with the amount of heated water you need, whether you have one teenager or several.


Have you ever taken a shower at a friend's house or a hotel and noticed your shampoo and soap seem to produce more suds? The bottom line is they probably are. Hard water that is treated through a water softening system loses the minerals that inhibit the normal reactions of soaps and detergents.


LEED certification requires careful planning and understanding of the fixtures being installed and how they garner points in any given situation. For example, waterless urinals in one building may not have as great a value as they would in another because urinal water usage accounts for too small a percentage of a building’s total water consumption.


When your company’s building needs a major overhaul, structural issues may leave you wondering whether there’s enough wiggle room in the budget for all building system issues. If you need a plumbing contractor that can help you work within your budget to get what you need, we may be able to help.


The plumbing in your home is one of the things making our modern society possible: readily available clean water and efficient removal of waste materials. Keeping these systems working properly is vital to a safe and healthy life for you and your family.


Did you know that there are vent pipes on your roof that affect your plumbing system? If you started having plumbing issues right after having roof work done, there’s a chance they covered your vents.


We recognize that some types of businesses can have more complicated plumbing needs than others. Whether you just need water lines or you also need different types of gas pipes installed, we’re always here for you.


Did you know that an estimated 20 percent of all water used in a commercial building goes to its urinals? By installing no-flush urinals instead, it's possible to save significantly on the water bill while also saving on the maintenance and upkeep of the urinals.


When you’ve never built a medical facility from the ground up before, you may not always know the best placement for the lines for your medical gases. We’re always happy to help you find the most appropriate layout for your plumbing installation.


If it seems like no one in your house can take a shower within a few hours of running the dishwasher, it’s definitely time to start considering your hot water heater replacement options. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’re always happy to walk you through it all.


Although the plumbing fixtures in your company restrooms may truly be the least of your concerns in an older building, they have the ability to make a real statement in a new building. Whether you simply need functional fixtures or hardware that makes a statement, we’re ready to help.


Were you aware that pipes haven’t always been made of metal? In the 1800s, both Boston and Montreal used wooden pipes; they were logs that were hollowed out and tapered at the ends.


If you are considering upgrading your plumbing and fixtures in your commercial facility, remember that, in the long run, this can be a cost-effective move. Consider the financial impact that repair of old plumbing fixtures could have (as well as any repairs for areas of the property damaged by a fixture that should have been replaced).


One big reason to change out your traditional water heater - in addition to utility costs saved by tankless and solar models - is avoiding what happens when a traditional water heater fails. That 40-60 gallons of water in the tank often spills out, creating a serious problem whether it's in your attic or elsewhere in your home.


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