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Bruce Bergman is here and we're on hiatus right now and it's it's a it's a multiple issues if you have any questions or big problems send me a message through Facebook right now and I'll be around I'm not going to be able to respond immediately I'm not going to be able to respond to emergencies but if you have concerns about something we did in the past but ask okay if you if you stop by this page and read this thing feel free to drop a message and say hello I'm interested if anybody's keeping an eye on this.


Questions gladly answered - Probably in far too much detail ;-) but I'll explain the bafflegab words, so feel free to ask more questions. There are things everyone should know, starting with "How do I know when to start running, and how far is the Minimum Safe Distance" so I can stop?

All depends on how loud the "ZZZZAAAAPPPPP!!" Noise behind you is, mostly a factor of voltage. 120/240v around the house, 10 feet is enough. It won't jump out and grab you - but higher voltages Can...

Note that 120v or 240v will kick you away - 480v and up makes your muscles clamp down and hold on. Especialy the transmission voltages. You do Not grab things that might be energized with your hand and fingers, you brush the back of your hand into it first instead - if there's leakage voltage there your nerves will automatically clench your arm muscles and kick your hand clear before you even realize it.

When it's 277/480v in an industrial unit, 30 feet. 2400v or 4800v in a large factory or the top pole wires in your neighborhood, 50 feet. 34.5KV the big power lines to your city up through the 500KV interstate lines, better make it 250'

If Lightning strikes a power line it can trip off a plasma arc between the lines, and travel down the lines long distances - Run at a right angle to the lines, and try to get inside or behind cover (solid wall, a car) because that arc can release enough heat and UV to get burns.

Don't Stare At The Arc!! Like watching a welder, you can burn your corneas if you arent wearing a dark enough mask... Once you get clear you can watch the video for laughs.

If there are lines down from a pole, keep a good 100' minimum and keep everyone else away too. Unless you are sure it's a Telephone or CATV line. For a 100KV and up lattice-pole transmission line, make that 250' at least. The ground around the downed line can be energized like a "puddle of death", even without obvious arcs and sparks.


Go listen to your breaker panels occasionally. Yeah, seriously. Tune in the Ballgame, and take a sniff. Hums are normal when the Air Conditioner starts up, but zaps and crackles are not.

To tell whether there's a problem brewing, try tuning an AM portable radio to a clear but distant station, then try wiggling or pushing on the tops of the individual breakers - If the AM radio signal crackles and pops at the same time the breaker makes a crunchy noise, something is arcing inside the panel (making a Spark Gap transmitter) and that's not good.

And if it smells like burned plastic when you open the cover a crack and take a whiff, that's another clue that it needs looking into. They pick plastics that are self-extinguishing for a reason, but the smell is a good clue.


We needed a full page done, Done. Now off to a fun day of fixing problems.

Oh, Mention that you saw this page and... Gee I need to ask Mike before I start offering Discounts, but we'll do something special for you. Just like always.


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