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Dont get fooled by a contract that doesn’t have Total or RSB on it, we did not sell or partner up with anyone. We are in...
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Dont get fooled by a contract that doesn’t have Total or RSB on it, we did not sell or partner up with anyone. We are independent. Visit to know who owns what.

Les renseignements contenus dans le registre des entreprises sont publics et ce sont les entreprises qui sont responsables de l'exactitude des renseignements qu'elles déclarent. Si vous pensez que le registre contient des renseignements inexacts sur une entreprise, communiquez avec nous.


À tous nos fidèles clients, vos contrats seront dans vos boîtes postales début septembre, un peu avant la fête du travail. Merci pour votre support et à bientôt!

To all our loyal supporters, your contract should hit your mailboxes early September shortly before labor day. Thank you for your support, see you soon!


We’re going at 3h then overnite for banks

Snow starts late tonite, chances are we will be starting late as well. Depending on how the system hits us, we will plan...

Snow starts late tonite, chances are we will be starting late as well. Depending on how the system hits us, we will plan our operations accordingly. Be safe

The storm is currently centred in Alabama but there is a flow ahead of it which has its leading edge over western New York State and the Adirondacks. So we can expect some snow showers this afternoon which will gain in intensity. The main event will be tonight through tomorrow. No change in my snow forecast posted yesterday.

Buckle up folks!

Buckle up folks!


Snow operation is starting now! Be safe

Next system moves in friday, in the meantime, lets concentrate on this one...Clearing behind cars as of 2h30am to be fol...

Next system moves in friday, in the meantime, lets concentrate on this one...

Clearing behind cars as of 2h30am to be followed by cleanups from 9am to 2pm today(Wednesday February 3rd)

Avoid making piles
If the street is clean and you can move your car onto the street, do it early. 9am early. Not 4pm early
Garbage and recycling bins, we WILL NOT move em out of the way to clean your driveway. Every time a driver gets out of his machine is a risk of accident.
Avoid asking question via the page or text. If you expect an answer, call me, i’m always just a call away.

Once our current storm moves out, our next storm system will move in on Friday. An area of low pressure in Northwestern Quebec will move northward but will have a trailing cold front that will move through Southern Quebec accompanied by 5-10 cm of snow. The snow should start early Friday afternoon and last until Friday evening. Colder air will move in after the snow moves out.


We are heading out shortly for a quick pass. Then overnite for banks and again tomorrow from 9am to 2 pm for clean ups. Please get the garbage cans out of the way if applicable. Thank you


10-15cm of snow on the way for tomorrow during the day. We will probably do a quick pass during the day, do another pass at nite and clean up the moved cars Wednesday. Plan accordingly, roads will be greasy. Drive safe


Another surprise accumulation, we’ll be on the road till 3pm, move your cars please


Clean ups at 9ish, please move your cars promptly, thank you!


Tractors will be rolling in an hour

A friendly reminder...especially on garbage/recycling day

A friendly reminder...especially on garbage/recycling day


We’re sending tractors on the road this morning

In a mailbox near you soon...

In a mailbox near you soon...


Markers pick up live!


Finally, we have been released by Legault government and ministry of health and we will be proceeding with the pick up of the snow markers. I feel like i have to apologize for being by the book to some of you. We’ve been taking this crises situation very seriously and hopefully help make things better.

By Friday, all the markers should be out of your site.


Good evening folks!

First i want to thank each one of you for the beautiful season we had. It is always with great pleasure that my team and i put our efforts togethers to serve you.

Now we are collectively facing a much bigger challenge with the covid-19 virus. I wish you all to stay safe and healthy.

I understand that most of the companies picked up their markers but we wont untill further notice. I will not go against government rules and put employees in a situation where they have to work and potentially be on contact with anybody else then their quarantine « partners ».

If you wish to remove your markers for one reason or another, you can place them on the side of the house, visible, and we will pick em up when it is safe to do so. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE GARBAGE. We will proceed with the pick up as early as we can going with the list of adresses. Those of you who dispose of the markers(sleeve and rod) will be sent an invoice.

Back when competition existed, before most of the companies got bought out, i would say: you dont want to be the only one that goes, but you definitely dont want to be the only one that doesn’t go. That works when it snows. As for the markers, i dont care if we’re the last ones standing. I do it for the safety of my family, my employees and my clients. The rule is to stay home, we will stay home...

Stay safe, healthy and most importantly, STAY HOME!


Potential massive snow storm on the way, lets do this!

Rules reminder:

Recycling/garbage bins...please dont. I’m sure it can wait till next week. (I know it can wait, dont roll your eyes 😉)

Cars: visit your city webpage to know if you are allowed on the street. Keep an eye out for our machines and move it promptly when possible. ( no need for the “one minute sign”, just move it 🙏🏼)

Calls: It will probably be one of those where we dont see enough snow Wednesday morning at 2am but will make all of us look bad at 6am when you guys wake up. Loose loose situation for us. We cant be cleaning a 30cm storm 2cm at a time. My guess is we will start cleaning around noon wednesday, drag it till 7-8pm then overnite at 2-3am Thursday then final cleanups during the day as of 10am. AT THAT TIME, CARS HAVE TO BE ON THE STREET.

Reminder: If our job required a class 3 or 1 driver’s license, it wouldn’t be possible by law to drive more than 13h in a row. We have to keep it safe and rest when we can.

Stay tuned, stay cool and drive safe.


Doing a quick pm pass starting now. See you on the road!


Another greasy morning! We’re out starting with plowed street. Do not hesitate to feed us info on road conditions by phone. Thank you for your patience.


Good morning! We’ve been out overnight to remove snow banks and we heading back now for quick cleanups. We will be on the road till 1pm max. The team needs to rest as we will be back out Monday for the 2-4 cm predictions.

Stay warm! Enjoy the weekend


Morning folks! Lots of snow in very little time, we are out doing our best as usual. Be patient and stay off the roads if you can.


Please avoid making piles today, snow is to heavy, it’ll be impossible to clean it properly


Good morning folks! We are taking a 30 minutes brake before going back out for clean ups. Move your cars promptly to allow us to do our job.

Thank you


Just a little reminder:

Extension cords, logs, cardboard etc should not be left on driveways at ANY TIME during winter time.

If you plug your car, rolling the extension and hang it on the house if safer.

If your car’s hand brake is not working, a log might work, but it will make my blower stop working. Waste of time, bad service...something that could be avoided.

I dont know why cardboard would be left under snow but dont, just dont.

Thank god for common sense!


Bon matin!

Je sais bien que c’est Dimanche mais je vous demande de déplacer vos voitures le plus rapidement possible pour que nous puissions terminer le nettoyage. Notre équipe est sur la route dès maintenant.


You need to pick your battles too. Do you REALLY want your driveway cleaned picket to picket, or you REALLY want your ha...

You need to pick your battles too. Do you REALLY want your driveway cleaned picket to picket, or you REALLY want your half empty composting/recycling bin emptied.

Asking for a friend...


Good morning! Snow operations starting in a few minutes.

Frequently asked question:

Are we out? Yes

Why is my driveway not cleared? It is. But we cannot scrape the ice that fell yesterday so it might look like its not cleared.

Wy are you not going down my driveway? Because it’s covered in ice underneath the snow. You need to put salt. As the contract says, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES if one of my machines slides down.

This being said, put your cars on the street now and we will do out best to clear it to the best of our ability.

Enjoy your day, drive safe and stay warm 🥶

Your dedicated snow removal team


Snow removal operations finish for today. We will be back out tomorrow for moved cars.

Thank you


Out plowing that little dusting till 4-5pm


Do your snow guy a favour and move garbage/recycling bin out of the way...please


We’re out till 2-3pm!

Nos opérations suivront celles de la ville pour le secteur de Dollard des Ormeaux demain matin. Soyez à l’affût a partir...

Nos opérations suivront celles de la ville pour le secteur de Dollard des Ormeaux demain matin. Soyez à l’affût a partir de 9am mardi le 7 janvier sur notre territoire de déneigement.



Good evening! First i would like to wish everyone happy holidays, i hope you all get to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Also, with the freezing rain we had yesterday and the upcoming snow on Monday-Tuesday, it could make our snow operations very hazardous if you dont take care of the ice in your driveway.

All drivers will be advise not to clean slope down driveways if they judge it is unsafe to do so. We will be doing multiple passes. Please use salt as much as necessary on the clean portion of the driveway and we will return to remove snow later in the day.

Thank you, drive safe!


22 Rue Robert
Montreal, QC
H9C 1H4




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Thanks Dom for this morning. Have a great day!
Thanks for this morning . Have a great day !
Merci, en plus de répondre à leur téléphone, ils sont venus hier en moins de 15 minutes pour nettoyer mon entrée alors que je dois facilement sortir car je prends soin de ma mère de 91 ans. Merci beaucoup
remember you get what you pay for when it comes to snow removal its all about the service call the guys at total 514 815 8064
Bonsoir, j'apprécie le déneigement que vous avez fait aujourd'hui, j'ai une question pourquoi vous enlevez la seulement pour le 5/8 de l'entrée au lieu de le faire comme avant ? Merci.