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Our company was established in 1890. Since that time, we have been servicing residential and commercial customers, offering sales and service of plumbing, electrical, lumber, and other home improvement supplies.

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While half round style gutters enable water to flow very effectively, they must be sized one inch larger than K style gutters in order to handle the same capacity of water. Thus, a 6-inch half round gutter will be equivalent to a 5-inch K style gutter.


How are plaster casts of sculptures made? The original is covered in plaster, which makes a mold. After the mold is removed, it is filled with plaster to make the cast.


Proving that you cannot judge a book by its cover, it is not always easy to tell the age of a building simply by identifying its architectural style, as some styles constantly reemerge in different eras. If records are not available, our crew of experts can visit the site for the clues that can pinpoint the age of the building so that proper restoration can proceed.


Different epoxy seals can have additives and solvents added that give it different traits, such as UV resistance or different colors. It's important to make sure you get the correct seal for your application, but a construction chemical expert can help you find it.


Did you know that hair can be used to plaster walls? Horse hair and ox hair are apparently added to plaster as binders. Much like fiberglass and resin, the hair added to the mix keeps the plaster together.


Decomposed granite is essentially a mix of quarter-inch stones and fine, sand-like powder. This material compacts to form a solid surface perfect for walkways, driveways, and patios.


Grade NW (normal weather) brick is primarily intended for indoor use, although it can also serve as backing in an outdoor wall. Normal weather brick should only be used as a surface in moderate, dry climates.


Care to guess why gypsum is such a uniquely suited material for application on interior walls as plaster or drywall? If you guessed gypsum releases water when it's heated, you're right. It's a natural fire retardant.


Plywood made for a marine environment is quite dense because it has fewer minute gaps that might trap moisture and cause delamination or incursions by mold, other types of fungus or insects.


Besides preventing water from penetrating the pores of concrete surface, waterproofing compounds also increase the flexibility, tensile and compressive strengths, and other physical characteristics of the cured concrete.


While wood floats, you do need additional buoyancy support when building your floating dock. Billets, made from a variety of materials and in varying shapes, are attached to the subframe of the structure to provide this.


Hydraulic cements harden with hydration. This is a chemical reaction that occurs independently of added water, meaning this compound can even harden underwater! The same is true with wet weather conditions! And now with superior concrete additives, concrete can resist the elements even longer, extending its life.


PVC decking has many advantages, including the fact that plastic decks are guaranteed not to fade, they have minimal expansion/contraction rates, are hard to scratch, rarely crack, and are resistant to mold and mildew.


If you have a large garden space being landscaped, consider using boulders as focal points. They can be used singly or in groups of two or three. Boulders can also add an important scale and height to large spaces.


The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls help insulate a home from outside temperatures. This helps keep a more constant temperature inside the home which helps reduce heating and cooling costs!


The aluminum used in construction is an aluminum alloy. The alloy gives the aluminum strength, making it just as strong as steel. However, aluminum is one-third as dense as steel, and since most of the alloy is aluminum, that makes it very lightweight.


Pleasure piers were a staple of Victorian Britain. The earliest pier was Ryde Pier on the Isle of Wight, constructed between 1813 and 1814. Unlike its contemporaries, Ryde Pier still stands and receives a large amount of passenger traffic to this day.


Did you know that aluminum's atomic number is 13? The atomic number is the number of protons in the atom. The elements of the periodic table are shown in order of their atomic number and identified by their symbol.


The treatment processing used for marine lumber needs to be considered depending on the water. Brackish and saltwater applications should use CCA; for freshwater, use lumber treated with copper azole.


High strength concrete is manufactured by lowering the water to cement ration to 0.35 or lower. In many cases, silica fume is added as well to prevent the formation of free calcium hydroxide crystals in the cement matrix (which could potentially decrease the strength of the cement).


You may already know polystyrene is polymer made up of expanded beads. Care to guess the industry term that refers to these ingenious plastic balls? If you guessed "microspheres," you're right.


Metal is today popularly used for constructing a building's structural framework. Metals are used mainly because it is long lasting There are different types of metals you can use for building like steel, which is a metal alloy.


To determine how much gravel or rock you are going to need, there are a couple of metrics you need to figure out. This includes figuring out the square footage of the project and the depth you require. When you divide the depth into the square footage, this should give you the quantity of product needed for your job.


Gypsum plaster is easier to spread and level than other types of plaster! Gypsum plaster also has no appreciable chemical action on paint. This differs from other types of plaster, where the original surface can be perceived through the finished surface.


In anticipation of World War II, the US Navy launched an extensive construction program to improve the capabilities of existing mainland naval yards. The goal was to develop sufficient capacity on both coasts to maintain the entire “two-ocean” Navy should the need arise.


Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are one of the newest construction materials. Plywood, strand board or cement board is sandwiched between layers of foam insulation. The panels are used to simultaneously construct and insulate foundations, floors, basements and load-bearing walls.


Natural rock looks beautiful in planting groups, flower beds, and around trees. The color and size of the stone used can be paired with the ornamentals in your garden, highlighting their shape and look.


When you live in an area that gets pounded by severe weather, you may find that your windows require constant replacement. Let’s talk about how we can help you create aluminum storm shutters that will help you to protect your glass.


Long, narrow piers are uniquely American. An analysis conducted in Philadelphia indicates the city’s first pier utilized Dutch construction (1600s), the second was short and blocky (1700s), but the third featured a long, narrow structure that jutted into the river (late 1700s).


Keep in mind that the surface coating you select will have a direct impact on the necessary surface preparation, so it’s important to plan ahead. For instance, a heavy profile may require a leveling or fill coat before the thin film installation.


Carriage bolts provide the most secure means of attachment and, when locking nuts are used, will not come apart. However, they do need to have a hot-dip galvanized coating, and make sure to use properly sized washers.


It might seem contradictory to wear long sleeves on a hot and muggy construction site, but there’s a reason for this wardrobe. Usually with construction sites come sharp nails and screws that can poke out of walls and foundations. Long sleeves will help prevent any surprise nail snags on your skin.


There are several benefits to having topsoil delivered to your home and then spread on your gardens and lawns. Not only is enriched topsoil easy to apply (as it rakes out relatively evenly), but it will provide excellent soil structure for enhanced plant growth.


When working in less than ideal temperatures, getting concrete or mortar to cure properly can be a problem. To correct this, there are a number of admixtures available designed for specific climate conditions that compensate for temperature extremes without impeding performance.


Pressure treated for ground and above ground contact, treated lumber is wood that is specifically for exterior use only. Treated lumber is also insect and rot resistant and painted or stained as well. Treated lumber also requires, most importantly, that you use the right fastener, galvanized or stainless steel.


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