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Now that your company is expanding, your current office space may be feeling a little cramped. Instead of shutting down to accommodate a move, we may be able to renovate your current office space with less down time for your business.


To prevent rebar from being pulled loose under extreme stressors, it’s embedded deeply into the concrete, and bent at the ends to hook onto and interlock with other rebar and the concrete. This method increases friction and maximizes concrete’s compressive strength.


When deciding whether or not to hire a general contractor, keep in mind that they will have an eye for project specifics. In other words, they will understand the quality of work that’s being done and may be able to pick up on problems or issues that you would otherwise miss.


When you are trying to sell your home and you have a dated bathroom or a dark kitchen, or there are problems with plumbing or heating or electric, your home will stay on the market longer and you will get less money for your home. An investment in renovation can increase the value of your home.


Providing site surveying and engineering services, ensuring construction waste disposal or recycling, maintaining accurate project records, and monitoring cash flows and schedules are all within the responsibilities of the general contractor, who is the manager of building projects.


While concrete is a material high in compression strength and low in tensile strength, steel, outperforms concrete 100 to 1 in tensile strength. This is why steel is ideal to carry the tension stresses of the structure.


The most common type of wood used for crown molding is pine. The softwood usually comes pretreated to make it easier to finish it. If left unpainted, then you can expect a pale color and fine grain to create a rustic look.


Adding to your home is a great way to get the space you need without the hassle of moving, and hiring a professional can ensure everything from sealants to roofing is completed properly.


Many homeowners and potential home buyers today crave outdoor living space, which makes for a very strong argument to add a deck. If you are considering adding a deck, take some time to come up with an interesting shape, and consider enhancements such as a built-in fire pit, or raised garden beds.


In rebar construction, when the cement material comes into contact with the steel rebar, if forms a nonreactive surface film that inhibits corrosions. This process (called “passivation”) helps prevent the rebar from corroding inside the reinforced concrete.


When meeting with us the plan your project, feel free to bring clippings and other items that help communicate what you are looking for. Many customers find that keeping a notebook with all of these items to be helpful.


The last thing you want is to have your crown molding installation fail and start falling off onto your things, or worse, people. When your molding is installed by an experienced contractor, you can count on the installation to last.


Did you know that rust and corrosion have the potential to destroy an otherwise strong structure? Apparently rusting rebar raises pressures inside the concrete. If left unmitigated, this pressure will eventually cause the concrete to crack and thus, fail.


There is no such thing as asking too many questions. It can save untold amounts of time and money by preventing mistakes and the need of do-overs.


Have you ever heard of PFJ molding? Many specialists love this kind of crown molding for its pliability, and because it is so pleasant to paint.


If your home already has an adequate number of bedrooms, you may want to consider a family room addition to increase space. This will give your family more room and increase your home's value.


Have you always thought your options for a backsplash were limited to the material of the countertop? In addition to tile, you can also try tumbled marble or glass for your backsplash.


Unless you're a professional designer, you probably are only going to design a few houses or interiors in your life, which means they can get confusing very quickly. General contractors have worked on hundreds of houses, and can help you make good design decisions on your renovations.


Even a minor remodel can disrupt household routines and cause some inconvenience. Most experts recommend evaluating the scope of work carefully and scheduling projects with a fudge factor for potential delays.


If you’re reluctant to order wood moldings, you might consider a fiberboard molding. Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is affordable and lasts for a long time.


The rate of return on different types of home improvement and construction projects varies widely throughout the country. On average, however, a well-planned and properly executed improvement that adds space, increases functionality, or improves energy efficiency will recoup between 40 percent and 76 percent at resale.


Do you have a dramatic focal point such as built-in cupboards, bookcases, or mantels? Crown molding that’s too busy can pull the attention away from the focal point. It’s often better to go with a simpler crown molding design.


If you're planning to renovate your kitchen countertops, keep in mind that edge treatments will play a large role in the overall cost of the project. Remember that fancy or intricate edges will ultimately require more labor.


If you have a room with a rich, classic look, such as deep wood cabinets and rustic hardwood floors, then simpler crown molding might be the best choice. Sleek wood crown molding will tie the room together without distracting from the focal points.


While most concrete is reinforced with steel rebar and mesh, additional steel fibers are sometimes added to the cement mixture to increase strength and resilience. In combination, steel reinforcement help create extraordinarily strong and durable structures.


When your ceiling and walls aren’t the same color, you may find that you don’t have perfect lines separating them where they meet. Remember, installing crown molding will cover any wobbly lines and add instant definition.


Stone flooring-such as granite, limestone, marble, or slate-is beautiful, durable, and darned near indestructible. However, it's expensive and rather difficult to maintain. It also tends to be cold and hard on the feet.


Did you know that the bond between reinforcing bar and concrete is likely the most important part of your spa or pool construction? If the bond isn’t strong enough, the concrete will shift and cracks or other structural faults may appear.


Home renovation projects include adding thermal insulation and replacement windows that save heat in the winter and keep your home cool in warmer temperatures. Enhanced lighting alternatives, programmable thermostats, renewable energy stoves, solar panels, and wind turbines are some other general contractor jobs that can enhance a home and improve energy efficiency.


A low-ceiling room shouldn’t have large crown molding added as it can make the room look smaller and lower than it actually is.


There are many different choices when you decide to change the window treatments in your home. Hard window treatments take advantage of wood or vinyl for blinds and shades.


Rebar is most often used in commercial or residential construction projects. It’s a versatile and affordable product that allows you to create structural support for concrete.


Updating a kitchen does not always involve a lot of renovation. A general contractor can help give your dated kitchen a new, lighter, airy look by changing cabinetry and flooring. With today’s wide array of colors, materials, and styles, you can easily begin enjoying an updated and efficient kitchen renovation.


Incorrect placement and securing of reinforcing steel will result in the concrete, and the structure, failing, putting the builder at risk for fines or litigation, or worse. Trust our professional experience.


Large or small, all construction and remodeling projects move through similar phases. To help you communicate your project goals and starting concept, take notes, clip pictures, and make sketches to share with your general contractor.


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Fred, Jodi, and the whole Complete Restoration Services team: it's amazing that I've been back in my home for over a year now. Friends that come over tell me it still smells like a new house. Even though I'm glad it's done, I still miss seeing you all.
So happy to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bruns back home. Thank you to the crew for another wonderful job well done.
If you are need of professional, courteous, and excellent craftsmanship for your most precious investment, your home--this company is it! This team works fast, cleanly, and has an eye for detail. They recently completed my basement and it looks amazing!! I can't thank them enough.