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Cesario Paving Company has been providing quality paving in Rhode Island for over 60 years. In addition to paving we also offer repairs, seal coating and striping. James Cesario and his sons have built on the reputation of unparalleled service coupled with quality workmanship. Call for your no obligation assessment of your paving needs.

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Before seal coating is applied to your commercial parking lot, the surface is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris and any cracks filled. Two coats of a commercial grade coal tar emulsion are then applied, filed by the sealer itself.


So when did pavement markings become standardized in the United States? The first document that established a national standard for traffic control devices was the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” published in 1935.


When you’re trying to save money on a roadway project, it can be easy to look at the sealing step as an optional expense that you can forego. Remember, the money you spend on pavement sealing now can pay off in the years to come when you don’t have to completely replace your pavement.


Unfortunately, an uneven or cracked back patio rarely goes well with parties featuring adult beverages. If your goal is to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at your house, you may want to consider having your patio repaved first.


When dirt, sand, and debris accumulate, they become an eyesore that’s also abrasive and damaging to pavement. Having your paved surfaces cleaned and resealed regularly will help them look better and last longer.


While some may want to take on sealing pavement as a do-it-yourself project, we have to ask, “Why?" After you factor in the sealer, the application equipment, cleaning the equipment (which requires a whole new set of materials), and time and effort, you end up spending as much or more than if you brought in professionals.


A common question about residential driveways is whether or not you should have seal-coating put on it. There are differing opinions about this in the asphalt industry, however should you decide to have it sealed, you will want to wait at least a year for the asphalt to cure first.


Are you concerned that the residents of your new medical office park will start complaining about how far their patients have to walk? If you’re considering designating certain spots for certain medical offices, we’re always happy to help with the pavement and curb painting.


When was the first yellow center line painted on a roadway in the United States? In the year 1917. The idea of using a yellow line instead of a white line is credited to Sheriff’s Deputy Peter Rexford, who came up with the idea while driving home on a rainy night.


Did you know that one of the main factors that causes pavement to develop cracks over time is due to freeze and thaw cycles? One of the best ways to guard against this is to have your pavement regularly sealed.


An important part of any home is making sure the drainage is done properly, from the gutters to your lawns, and your driveway is no exception. A paving expert can make sure your driveway is set up for proper drainage so it doesn't get damaged later.


The yellow in highway markings needs to be high contrast and very bright to differentiate it from white, especially at night. At the end of the 20th century, this mean adding lead chromate, but modern paint has new coloring additives that are far more safe.


Many customers assume that a thicker asphalt driveway is better than a thin one, but thickness is not the only factor. There are other things that contribute to the asphalt’s integrity, such as the sub-base that is underneath the driveway.


Although your driveway doesn’t command the same type of curb appeal as a well-manicured lawn can, it definitely detracts from it when it’s in poor condition. Let’s talk about how we can help ensure your driveway doesn’t drag down your home’s appearance.


What is RAP? The acronym refers to reclaimed asphalt pavement. RAP is used in construction and maintenance paving projects that include surfacing or resurfacing road shoulders, widening lanes, and building road and parking lot bases.


Most pavement sealers are applied one of two ways. In residential settings, it’s typically applied by brush, which leaves a thicker protective coating. In large-scale settings, multiple coats are applied in thin layers using spray equipment.


Are you concerned that your pavement may be in too rough of a condition to seal it at this point? Let’s talk about your concerns with your paved areas, so that we can help you determine whether it will be necessary to repave the space before sealing it.


Modern asphalt paving techniques are built on the multi-layered macadam construction techniques. Cars and commercial trucks kicked up too much dust, to pitch, or asphalt, was added as a binder to give it extra strength and make the paving last longer.


There are several reasons why asphalt pavement construction should be suspended in inclement weather such as rain. Not only will the rain cool the asphalt mix, making proper compaction more difficult, but the asphalt lifts may not be able to properly bond together.


Our modern word “asphalt” comes from the Greek, "asphaltos," "to secure." That makes sense. The Greeks used asphalt as a mortar in brick and stone walls, while the Romans used it to seal and waterproof aqueducts, baths, and reservoirs.


Ever wonder how the paint gets its unique, highly visible look? Often, the paint includes additives to improve the retroreflective quality, which can include such things as glass beads, which are added as part of the painting process by the striping truck.


If your driveway has cracks or broken areas of the pavement, these can make it unsightly and rough to drive over. Fortunately, a paving expert can repair or repave your driveway as needed to make sure it looks great and is a smooth drive.


If there is persistent cracking in your commercial parking lot, long-term repair is always recommended to preserve the integrity of the structure. In most cases, hot poured crack sealant should be used to prevent moisture pe*******on and extend pavement life.


How much asphalt is in today’s asphalt paving materials? Only about 5 percent. The main ingredients in asphalt compositions include aggregate and sand. Additional ingredients may also be added to asphalt mixtures to yield specific characteristics like noise reduction and storm water runoff control.


So how exactly does pavement sealing work? Basically, this process works to prevent the oxidation and erosion of the top layer of the pavement while replacing fine particles lost from the surface due to oxidation that has already occurred.


Underneath the top layer of asphalt is a layer of supporting gravel, and one of the biggest reasons why asphalt paving fails is because the gravel layer isn't done correctly, or because it's not deep enough. A paving expert will make sure you get a gravel base you can count on.


In most cases of commercial pavement installation, a tack coat is needed to ensure a bond between the succeeding layers of a pavement and keep it sturdy to accommodate a traveling public. The most common material used for a tack coat is a slow setting emulsion.


Studies indicate that clean, well-maintained entry roads, parking areas and sidewalks attract customers. For many, it’s one of the top factors in determining where to shop, and some rate exterior cleanliness as important as interior cleanliness.


Parking lots are subjected to loads similar to roads and highways, but the loads are primarily low-speed or stationary. Nonetheless, a well-constructed parking lot must have a good base course, proper drainage and a wear course designed for durability and traction.


Since sealing your pavement is arguably the most important determinant of pavement’s longevity, it’s smart to leave this job to the professionals. If you’ve already started, and you aren’t getting the coverage you’d hoped for, we may be able to help.


Are you concerned that filling cracks in your driveway is going to be an ongoing issue? Since some types of paving materials can be more difficult to maintain, it may make more sense to repave the surface with a more durable material.


We recognize that every business has a unique set of challenges with its parking lot. Whether you need to ensure people can see upcoming speed bumps, or your need to create a shopper-crossing zone, we’re always happy to help.


A big concern for any business or commercial buildings is making sure that your facilities are environmentally friendly. Asphalt paving can help you there. Asphalt doesn't react with water, which means it won't spread through the drainage systems to local waterways.


Traditional coal tar pavement sealers are made using the by-products produced when coal is burned to create coke for steel manufacturing processes. Today, many sealers include polymers that readily bond to the pavement surface and improve durability.


Where was the first center white line painted on a roadway in England? In Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. The center line was painted in the year 1921 to see if a center line would indeed improve roadway safety – and it did.


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