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Kehne's Frederick Electric Service, Inc Family Owned and Operated Since 1966. 24 Hour Emergency Service Available. Since 1996, Kehne's Frederick Electric has been serving the Frederick Maryland area with exceptional service.

In addition to heating and air conditioning sales, maintenance, and installation, Kehne's Frederick Electric Service is a Licensed Master Electrician. Kehne's Frederick Electric is a true father-son family owned business. Jeffrey S Kehne a longtime Frederick resident started the business in 1996 and was joined by his son fulltime in 2002. Jeff has adopted his grandfather's philosophy of giving peo

In addition to heating and air conditioning sales, maintenance, and installation, Kehne's Frederick Electric Service is a Licensed Master Electrician. Kehne's Frederick Electric is a true father-son family owned business. Jeffrey S Kehne a longtime Frederick resident started the business in 1996 and was joined by his son fulltime in 2002. Jeff has adopted his grandfather's philosophy of giving peo

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Did you know that something as simple as a malfunctioning thermostat could be needlessly inflating your energy bill? When you're ready to save money on your business's heating and cooling costs, we can help.


To keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape throughout the year, be sure to maintain a clear space around the outdoor HVAC system. This is especially important during the hot summer months when grass clippings and weeds can block the system.


Remember, it's usually easier to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors than it is to cool it after you get home. Even if you must increase the temperature while you're away to save money, try to keep it low enough that you'll still get circulation.


Flickering lights or hot fuses could be signs of an electrical issue in your home. Call an electrician before what seems like a small issue turns into something more serious, such as an electrical fire in your home.


We understand that owning a commercial building can require more maintenance on your part than owning a home. We're here for you if you need someone to take over your regular HVAC maintenance.


While running electrical cords under rugs is a great way to make them less visible, this can also present a fire hazard, especially if you walk over the cords regularly. If possible, you should avoid running electrical cords under rugs or other fabrics.


Do you ever feel like the costs of heating and cooling your office have gone through the roof without cause? Let us ensure everything is in proper working order so it doesn't pull extra power.


Faulty wiring can take time to reveal itself, perhaps in the form of a power outage or a spark that could lead to a fire. That's why relying on an expert electrician or electrical contractor is the safest decision to make.


Did you know that all cities and towns have regulations in place that electricians must follow? If you have major work done on your home that requires an inspection, any work that fails to meet code requirements will have to be redone.


Which direction should ceiling fans be set on during the hot summer months? The forward counter-clockwise setting. This fan setting will increase the efficiency of cooled air flow and the HVAC system while reducing cooling costs.


A poorly insulated house can put a strain on your heating and cooling system and drive up your utility costs. A heating and cooling expert can inspect your home and add insulation where necessary.


No company wants to pay for a new heating and cooling system. However, advances in technology have led to equipment that is much more efficient than HVAC system even 5 or 10 years ago. Lower your monthly utility costs with a more energy-efficient system.


While your air conditioning unit might get a short break as the weather turns cool, it's important to ensure it's always functioning properly. Doing so will help you stay ready for sudden unexpected temperature spikes.


Remember, when the mercury is soaring to triple digits, there's only so much a fully-functioning AC unit can do. Running ceiling fans can help keep the cool air from your unit circulating through your home's interior.


HVAC systems provide ventilation, reduce air infiltration, and maintain pressure relationships between spaces. We understand the importance of providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality within reasonable installation, operation, and maintenance costs.


How often are you outside? The Environmental Protection Agency says the average American spends 90 percent of his or her time indoors. That means a new cooling and heating system are that much more important.


It's important to remember that even the most reliable HVAC equipment will eventually wear out and breakdown. While we'll do everything we can to get it running, you may want to consider replacement of older units.


We understand that no company relishes the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a new HVAC system for the building. Remember, since newer models are made to be more energy-efficient, your company may save money on monthly utilities.


The air-conditioning system in a home is both expensive and complex. By letting an air-conditioning contractor handle all maintenance and repairs, you ensure that the system's warranty remains intact.


The benefits of hiring an electrician or electrical contractor include being able to hire someone who is licensed and bonded and does electrical work for a living. An electrician with experience can diagnose problems in your home easily.


The first air conditioner may have been created to solve a manufacturing problem, but the trend caught on fast -- in retail. In the 1920s, heat-challenged Americans invaded air conditioned department stores and movie theaters by the thousands to stay cool during the dog days of summer. Within a few short years, air conditioning became one on the biggest marketing draws in modern history.


To save on cooling costs when you go on vacation, set the thermostat to around 85 degrees. At this temperature, cooling costs will be dramatically reduced but your home will still be protected against excessive high temps and humidity levels.


It's important to remember that HVAC systems that have fallen into disrepair will cost more to operate than if they were well-maintained. If you're ready to save money, it's time to let us repair and maintain your units.


The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that there are more than 67,000 fires every year in the country that can be traced to an electrical problem. Obviously, relying on a qualified electrician is important from a safety standpoint.


Are you considering a new home? Ask your heating and air-conditioning expert to survey the new home. It's important to know if the heating and cooling system is on its last legs - that could make another home more attractive.


The best time to choose an electrician is when there is no emergency. It's much easier to talk to and judge an electrician or electrical contractor when you're calm and the lights and air-conditioning in your home are working.


The best time to choose an air-conditioning contractor is when there is no emergency in your home. When it's time to have your system maintained, use that opportunity to audition a contractor and establish a long-term relationship.


If you plan to use outdoor extension cords, it is important to choose products designed for outdoor use. This can prevent shock hazards if water gets on the cords while you are working.


Did you know that electrical fires kill nearly 500 people every year, according to statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration? The scariest part of faulty electrical wiring is that the problem may not immediately be apparent.


Are you concerned that your existing HVAC unit is too old to properly cool your office during the heat of summer? Let us inspect it to determine if it's already operating at peak efficiency. If it is, replacement may be your best option.


If you think your home may have a wiring issue, you should consider contacting an electrician. He or she can identify the problem and make sure all the electrical components in your home work properly.


We can handle the heating and cooling needs for your commercial building, whether it's a single shop or a large complex. We can help your business cut down on its utility bills by installing energy efficient HVAC systems.


An electrician can make recommendations to help you improve the electrical safety in your home. Some common recommendations include being sure to install circuit breakers instead of fuses and having ground fault interrupters, especially in the kitchen.


Every electrical job in your home may not require a master electrician. But it's important to know that master electricians have additional experience and have been certified by the state, which often means passing a rigorous exam.


To reduce wear and tear on a HVAC system, be sure to follow these tips during hot spells: keep all vents clear, maintain a clean space around the outdoor unit, change air filters as needed and clean/maintain the ducts as needed.


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