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J W Home Improvements J. W. Home Improvements - Specializing in bathroom remodeling, roofing, decks, home improvements, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, tile work, hardwood floors, exterior painting and interior painting.

Home Improvements is a local home improvement company specializing in bathroom remodeling, roofing, decks, home improvements, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, tile work, hardwood floors, exterior painting and interior painting in Annapolis, Crownsville, Crofton, Gambrills, Davidsonville, Bowie, Michellville, Millersville, Brandywine, Huntingtown and surrounding areas. If you are searching

Home Improvements is a local home improvement company specializing in bathroom remodeling, roofing, decks, home improvements, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, tile work, hardwood floors, exterior painting and interior painting in Annapolis, Crownsville, Crofton, Gambrills, Davidsonville, Bowie, Michellville, Millersville, Brandywine, Huntingtown and surrounding areas. If you are searching

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Can critters destroy your roof? They sure can, and there are quite a few woodland creatures that want to call your attic home, like: birds, raccoons, squirrels, rats and mice. Some termite varieties are even known to access a structure from the roof and work their way down from there.


Home renovations can involve repairs or upgrades to improve the functionality or sale appeal of a home. Care to guess what type of renovation is the most common? Based on exit surveys, more people renovate to upgrade a residence than to simply repair it. Often a necessary but not critical repair will be included in the scope of work for an upgrade.


Did you know that bathroom remodeling is among the most popular of home improvement projects because it quickly improves the quality of life for those living in the home? In fact, a bathroom remodel is an effective way to rapidly add to a home’s value.


Although it’s natural not to want to put a lot of money into renovations on a home you plan to sell, it may be necessary when you’re in a crowded real estate market. Something as simple as a cramped or ugly bathroom could keep your home on the market months longer than you’d like.


Wondering about the scope of work involved in updating your kitchen or adding a bathroom? Stop guessing. Call or visit us to schedule an estimate. You'll be able to budget and plan more efficiently when you have all the facts.


Have you ever noticed that things start to break down around the house when you have the least time to deal with it? Let’s talk about how we can help to take some of that work off your plate.


Tile options for today’s bathroom are seemingly endless. Today, a popular choice is to mix and match various types of tiles to create one-of-a-kind designs. This design option is also being seen more in kitchen remodeling as well.


When we design your kitchen remodel, we pay close attention to the convenience factor in order to enhance your overall comfort and experience. This includes everything from appliance placement to the layout of your countertops.


Have a deck that is in need of work? There are many materials and projects that can make your deck more comfortable on your feet and easier on the eyes, and we can help you figure out which is the best for you.


Home buyers of all types—first-time to very experienced—look at three features in the home: The kitchen; the bathroom or bathrooms; and the house’s mechanical systems, including the electric, heating, and plumbing. Before selling your home, be sure these parts of your house are up-to-date and attractive.


We will provide you with a detailed written estimate of the roofing work we propose to complete, including the cost of materials and labor, and we suggest you avoid any roofer who will not give you a complete estimate in writing.


Are you tired of your dated floors? If you are considering a new floor, consider how long it will last. Vinyl flooring is meant to last 20-30 years, while oak or pine flooring will last at least one century. Your general contractor can help you with any type of floor renovation.


Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on water leaks to let you know when there’s damage to your roof. While some missing shingles might be noticeable from the ground, you may need to get a ladder to get a closer look.


Because drainage is important, we will check the grading around the foundation of your home before we begin constructing the deck. We need to be sure that, as water passes through the spaces in the decking, it will drain away from your home.


Today's modern kitchens have become gathering places for the whole family. Giving your kitchen an occasional facelift reflects its important status at the heart of your home. Renovating your kitchen is a huge undertaking but it can pay great dividends.


Mix-and-match colors and cabinetry have been so popular for kitchens and baths, fixture manufacturers are adopting the look. Many are releasing classic and contemporary designs in fresh combinations of mixed metals or contrasting satin and bright finishes.


If you are having wooden shingles installed on your home, you'll want those that are properly fire-rated. Check your homeowner’s policy for their requirements, or contact us – we use only the highest-rated wood shingles on the market.


One of the top ways to add value to your home is by adding more space and light to it. For example, if you have small rooms that block the flow of natural light, you may want to consider having a wall or two knocked out to open up your floor plan.


Do you have trouble getting enthusiastic about cooking? A big part of that might not be the act of the cooking, but the location of the cooking. A remodeled kitchen can make it both easier and more fun to create delicious home cooked meals.


Do you know when a leak in your roof requires a replacement or when a repair job is sufficient? That's one of the reasons it's vital to have access to a roofing professional.


Even a minor remodel can disrupt household routines and cause some inconvenience. Most experts recommend evaluating the scope of work carefully and scheduling projects with a fudge factor for potential delays.


We recognize that no family’s needs will remain stagnant during all the years they live in a particular home. If you’ve discovered that those cozy bathrooms are suddenly too cramped now that you have teenagers, it’s time to consider your renovation options.


Adding a deck is one of the most affordable ways to expand your living space. Unlike an indoor expansion, you don’t have to worry about adding more roofing, wiring, insulation, heating, and cooling, which means a lot less that you have to spend.


A few home maintenance chores that are often on the bottom of people’s to-do list include landscaping, window and gutter cleaning, and power washing. However, these are tasks that a handyman can help with, and this maintenance will pay for itself over time.


We recognize that all homeowners have a different idea of what can turn a house into their dream home. Let’s talk about what your ideal is and how we can help you transform your existing home into the picture you have inside your head.


There are a number of reflective roof products available that can reduce the temperature in your attic considerably. This means your AC system doesn't have to work as hard to keep the home cool during summer.


Did you realize that replacing an inexpensive garage door with midrange model can benefit you a number of ways? This type of update can immediately increase the curb appeal of your home. It is also one of the highest rated upgrades with a projected 83.9 percent return on investment.


Did you know that 21st-century designers think of kitchens in terms of work centers and work stations? The goal of today's multi-functional kitchens is to maximize each person's work efficiency without getting in someone else's way.


We recognize that many couples have no choice but to fight for counter mirror space in their master bath when they need to get ready for work. If you’d like to be able to call a truce, renovating your bathroom may help to provide the space you both need to get ready for you day.


There are several indications of roof damage on the exterior of the roof structure that may signal that it’s time for a new roof. This includes damaged flashing, curling, blistering, buckling, rotting, and algae growth (usually appearing as dark or greenish stains).


Annual maintenance of your newly built or restored deck is important, as this will help prevent the need for repair while protecting your investment. Most decks are going to need to be cleaned and sealed on a yearly basis to protect the wood components.


There are many small repairs that we can help you with to help your home run more efficiently. Some common things that many homeowners put off include a broken icemaker in the fridge, leaky faucets, plugs and k***s on appliances, and running toilets.


Do you ever feel bad about having such a dysfunctional kitchen because your spouse is a gourmet? Remodeling your kitchen can give them the space they need to create food art.


Did you know that building a custom home could be less expensive than settling for a cookie cutter tract home? It's also far more convenient than dealing with the mess of a contractor when you decided to remodel.


Vinyl siding is an inexpensive and low maintenance option for enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Visually, it resembles painted wood. However, it won't rot or peel, is easy to clean, and will last for up to 40 years.


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