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An 8th century Persian chemist Jabir ibn Hayyan published "The Book of the Hidden Pearl," which described 46 recipes for colored glass. A later edition of the book had an additional 12 recipes, and, by the 11th century, Arab Islamic Spain began producing clear glass mirrors.


Not only are windshields designed not to break easily on impact, but they're also designed - when installed properly - to help keep passengers inside the vehicle in the case of an accident. A properly installed windshield also helps resist crushing in an impact or rollover.


It’s important to remember that the appearance of your offices will help customers form their impression of your business. We’re always happy to show you what a positive impact glass doors, windows, and walls can make.


Have you been having trouble with your commercial building remodel because you have unusual glass needs? We’re always happy to listen to your needs and provide you with the best solution.


Are you hesitant to create individual offices on your floor because of the expense of building walls? If you just need to designate separate spaces, you may want to consider glass walls.


When it comes to insulating glass, winter heat loss occurs via two separate mechanisms. These are thermal radiation from glass surface to glass surface and conduction through the molecules of air.

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Frameless shower doors are a new trend in bathroom enclosures. Not only do they offer a sophisticated, seamless look, but they're easier to keep clean, as there are fewer surfaces to tend to.


The addition of certain chemicals to the glass mixture allow for glass types that can be used in various applications. Borosilicate glass is made using silica and boric oxide along with a smaller alkali content which make the glass withstand effects of chemical exposure.


One special type of glass is aluminosilicate glass, which contains 20 percent aluminum oxide as well as small amounts of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, and boric oxide. This type of glass can withstand very high temperatures.


The CPSC safety test uses a piece of glass secured to a vertical frame, a bag filled to 100 pounds with lead shot. For Class I glass, the bag drops from 18". At impact, the glass must not break or break into small pieces where the 10 largest do not add up to 10/in².


One common glass option for commercial use is single glazing, single glass panes that are usually anywhere from 4 mm to 10 mm thick.


How can you be sure if your glass is laminated? Hold your hand up to it and you will see multiple reflections, which are easily distinguished from multiple reflections from the inner and outer surfaces of a piece of non-laminated glass.


Some common window services we offer include repairing existing windows with up-to-date hardware, installing more efficient window parts to decrease energy bills, and replacing broken or fogged insulated glass with new glass.


Glass is a material that is easily recycled due to its lack of deterioration over time. Used glass can be broken into smaller pieces and then melted with silica sand, soda ash and limestone to create glass that is fitting for new containers.


If you have hard water, film will build up on your shower door and enclosure, and your mirror (the minerals dissolve in steam and will appear when it dries). Avoid tedious extensive cleaning by wiping down the surfaces regularly using a recommended cleaning product and soft cloth.


Glass is tempered through a process of rapid heating and cooling. Although it is stronger than standard glass, it is still brittle, but it breaks into small, rounded pieces. Tempered glass is also heat resistant.


Mirrors are made by first coating the surface with tin to facilitate bonding, and then it is painted with either silver or aluminum to provide the reflective characteristics. The backing is then painted to complete the process.


When it comes to frameless glass shower doors, the possibilities are practically endless. Not only do you have your choice of glass and hardware, but the enclosures can be specially angled to fit the space.


For testing Class II glass, a bag filled with one hundred pounds of lead shot drops onto a secured pane of glass from four feet. The glass must not break, or if it does, the pieces are small enough so the ten largest have a composite area of less than 10/in².


While commercial doors may seem standard across the board, we can customize them to fit the personality of your business with different metal and glass options.


The crown method of glass making required glass being blown then spun until it was flat, leaving a bump in the center of the glass. This method was replaced by the cylinder method in which glass was blown in the shape of a cylinder, then cut in half which formed a large sheet of clear glass when opened up.


Frameless mirrors hung in areas vulnerable to human impact (that which defines a hazardous location) must be made from safety glass. An exception may be made for mirrors hung with continuous backing support.


If you want to customize your frameless mirror to cover an entire wall, you have plenty of options. For the best look, sheets of mirror can be organized next to each other to create a cohesive feel in the room.


A process for producing pieces of flat glass was created in 1959. In this method, the glass is kept in a chemical environment that is held at a high temperature that melts irregularities out of the glass after long enough exposure.


When installing a glass shower enclosure, make sure the shower does not spray directly towards the door or opening. For best results, direct it toward the tile or fixed panel.


It is time to replace your shower door if there is rust or other corrosion on the metal frame, the glass is cracked, or the glass is discolored (other than what can be removed from a good cleaning).


Glass manufacturing and development increased greatly after 1890. New chemical compositions, processes and scientific study of the properties of glass helped aid a boom in the market.


Soda-lime glass is well suited for allowing light visibility. This property allows for it to be used in applications that require a transparent surface such as windows or containers.


Frameless shower doors are stronger than framed ones, open in both directions, and can be cleaned to look like it is new. They will also add to the value of your home.


Framed and frameless shower doors have significant differences (although they both have frames). Framed doors use thinner glass and rely on the metal frame for strengthening. Unframed doors have thicker glass and have a metal frame only for assembly purposes.


If you want to add some life to the otherwise-dull glass at your business, you should consider decorative glass, which can add architectural appeal to any structure.


When designing your customized shower door, don't forget to coordinate the metal finish on the hardware with the rest of your bathroom decor. Here, you can choose from everything from brushed nickel or copper, to chrome, brass, gold-plated, or solid color.


If your rooms are small, you can create the illusion of a larger area by adding strategically placed mirrors. They will not only make the room appear larger, but it will make it feel less crowded as well.


Mirrors are more than decorative. A properly placed mirror can reflect sunlight into the house, improving the lighting and helping to lower electricity bills.


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