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Hale Painting Here at Hale Painting, we pride ourselves on excellent service and professionalism in performing painting contracting work in Sykesville and neighboring ci

Here at Hale Painting, we pride ourselves on excellent service and professionalism in performing painting contracting work in Sykesville and neighboring cities in Maryland. We are a locally owned business and we treat every customer like family. We love to make our customers happy. We look forward to working with you so we can help make your home beautiful.

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Can’t decide what color to paint the interior of your home? Today’s popular hues include metallics, pearlescents, translucents, and interference colors, or shades that shift with varying light. These hues can bring emotion to even the dullest space.


There are many potential mistakes to avoid when painting inside your home. For example, putty or spackle works well on small cracks and dents on walls but should not be used on wood trim because it will not stick, according to experts.


Why choose a professional painter? A professional can spot any problem areas during preparation work, such as rotten wood. That’s possible around windows and particularly under gutters. Rotten wood must be replaced for a paint job to look top notch.


It’s always smart to try out colors before painting. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to paint about a quart of the color you think you want onto cardboard and hang it on the wall to see how it looks, not only with its surroundings, but with the different lighting options in the room.


Preparing your house for a paint job is the most important part of the process. If you don’t repair and fill all cracks and gaps, there will be noticeable splotches and spots in the finished product that would likely not be an issue with a professional painter.


Having your cabinets painted can give your kitchen a whole different feeling without costing a bundle. Old wooden cabinets can look brand new again with the right color. Have them cleaned and sanded before painting to achieve the best results.


Do you know what drywall is? It is a board that is usually made of plasterboard or gypsum board, and it is used to create the interior walls of buildings. Drywall is nailed into the building's studs to finish a room.


Do you know what the typical type of paint is for interior jobs? It is latex water-based paint. The reason this is the paint of choice is that latex dries quickly and cleans well with soap and water.


We realize that most homeowners keep a can or two of their home’s exterior paint in the garage. Remember, if you’re not going to repaint the entire area, it’s often best to have a painting professional handle the job to ensure your fresh paint doesn’t make the rest of your home’s exterior appear dull.


If you have wood siding, its moisture content plays a role in how well paint will adhere and last. For most of the country, the ideal moisture content is about twelve percent, with some degree of variation. However, the content should never be over twenty percent.


Many experts say that it’s important to have continuity throughout the entire house when it comes to paint colors. Consider using one or two colors throughout the house, and then mix them with other accent colors. This gives the home that continuity, but allows the various rooms to have different personalities.


There are many factors that help to determine how often you need to paint the interior of your home. These include the quality of the paint used, the amount of traffic through a particular area, and how much smoke is in the home (via smokers or an active fireplace).


It's important to identify the paint that's already on your walls. For example, if you have oil-based paint, it should never be painted over directly with latex paint. The result, according to experts, will be peeling and cracking in a fairly short period of time.


One of the problems with older, smooth siding is mill glaze, a condition that interferes with paint adhesion. To overcome this phenomenon, we sand the surface using a two-stage process. First, we dampen the surface to raise the grain, and then sand it using 50 to 80 grit paper.


An interior paint job can really serve to dramatically change the look of a room. With the right color, you can add depth and texture to the space, and can turn an otherwise dull room into a warm and beautiful area.


Moisture is the enemy of an exterior paint job. These are some moisture related surface features you'll begin to see when your paint starts to deteriorate and expose the wood underneath: peeling, pitting, chalking, cracking and blistering. All these signs mean your wood is vulnerable to moisture and more attractive to insects.


Ever wonder why choosing an interior paint color can be so difficult? This is due mostly to the light in a particular room and the type of paint finish used. The light and reflections in any given room will always affect the outcome of your color.


If you’ve been putting off a painting project for a while because of a lack of time, you may want to bring in a professional painting crew. Once it’s done, you may discover that you’re able to relax more completely during your down time.


Most people want to complete an interior painting project as soon as possible. But putting that second coat down too soon can completely ruin all the work you've already done. A professional painter knows by experience when a room is ready for a second coat of paint.


It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to repaint your entire home’s exterior in order to freshen its appearance. Let’s talk about whether you can get the aesthetic boost you want by having us repaint just the trim.


Are you familiar with the many different paint finishes available and which looks best in different areas of your home? Paints with flat or matte finishes have virtually no sheen and are typically chosen in rooms with little traffic.


One of the reasons that exterior paint begins to fail before it should is that the moisture content of the siding is too high. As a professional service, we measure first to make sure that the percentage is correct for this part of the country before we begin the project.


Painting the exterior of a home can be a back-breaking and time-consuming activity. If you are not experienced, it is easy to make mistakes that could greatly slow down the progress of the job. A professional can do the job much more quickly, allowing you to focus on work, family, or other pursuits.


If you’re planning to repaint your home prior to listing it on the market, it’s a good idea not to tackle it on your own. Since you won’t be able to begin showing the home until the work’s complete, a professional could ensure it’s done quickly while you see to all the other details associated with selling a home.


When it comes to interior paint colors, the most unpredictable colors fall within the gray-green family (including taupe, khaki, and sage). These colors are almost chameleon like, meaning that they will dramatically change under different lighting conditions.


It’s important to remember that not all paint colors will look the same on your walls as they look on the paint swatch. If you need help determining which colors will be just right and which will be too bright, we’re always happy to help.


Take a look around your neighborhood for paint and trim colors you admire -- and snap a few photos. It's one way to start zeroing in on a paint style you'll like for your own home.


If you have an older home, and paint is peeling somewhere inside, it’s time for a paint job! Especially if you have small children, since most home built before 1978 still have lead paint somewhere in them, which can carry health risks.


Do you know why it’s important to prime interior surfaces before painting? If paint has peeled or stained, moisture may be present, which can get trapped in the walls and create mold over time. So to correct the problem, it’s important to remove the old paint, and prime.


Did you know that semi-gloss and gloss interior paints are highly durable and stand up to multiple cleanings? However, their reflective sheens are intense, and thus, they are best limited to areas like baseboards, moldings, and doors.


When stucco is painted before it has had time properly cure, efflorescence or “white bloom” can develop. As well as being unsightly, it can also cause paint failure. If you notice this problem on your home, it cannot be removed, and the building must be repainted.


If you’ve tried to handle the paint touch-ups of your home’s exterior on your own, you’ve likely noticed that the paint in the can no longer matches what’s on the siding. Let’s talk about how we’ll have to approach these touch-ups so that you don’t end up with bright spots on your exterior.


“We’ve been in a war and a recession. That’s why accent colors with yellow and purple are popular. They’re optimistic and flirty and happy colors,” says designer David Bromstad, host of HGTV’s “Color Splash.” Bromstad teaches people how to use color to liven up their homes.


Semi-transparent stains have wood-penetrating capabilities and provide a good level of UV protection and color while allowing the grain of the wood to show through. Because they do not form a film like paint or opaque stains do, they are not subject to peeling and have a service life of three to five years, depending on exposure and weather.


Do you really need to have primer applied to your walls before painting? Most times, yes. Primer helps paint adhere to the wall; it makes the color stay true by limiting its absorption into the surface; and it helps prevent paint from peeling in the future.


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