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Barlow & Borland LC has served the northern Virginia area for over 20 years with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. We never lose sight of the fact that, although the end result may be made of concrete, steel and wire, the real glue that holds it together is the vision of the customer; whether an architectural engineer or a homeowner. Certification & Affiliations:Building Contractor Class A #Licensed, Bonded and Insured National Association of Remodeling Industry. never lose sight of the fact that, although sub-contractors may use the same tools, no two will approach the same project in exactly the same way. We focus on building relationships with the most talented, creative and professional people from each construction field to ensure that your project receives the same, uncompromising commitment to quality during each construction phase.


When it comes to your bathroom remodel, aesthetics count. We offer a wide range of options to update you bathroom’s look: anything from counter replacement to retiling the shower/bath.


In steel building construction, steel is the main raw material used, creating a building that is both strong and durable. Common commercial and industrial steel buildings include warehouses, storage units, churches, and air hangers.


If your kitchen has a weird layout, you can make an unused architectural arch in the wall an amazing spot for your refrigerator and beautiful custom cabinetry and counter tops. The difference makes it look like an entirely new home.


It’s important to remember that there’s so much more to a bathroom remodel than just replacing the tub. In many cases, making even a slight change to your shower or tub will impact your existing cabinets.


Have you started to notice that your family is outgrowing your home? Rather than paying to relocate, let’s talk about how you can save money be adding square footage to your current home.


We recognize that not every business owner is comfortable with the idea of relocating every time they outgrow the functionality of their current building. When you want the usability without the move, we’re always here for you.


Because today's kitchens are used for such a wide range of functions, they have replaced living rooms and dens as the new heart of the home. It's no wonder that kitchens are one of the most popular home remodeling projects!


Were you aware that a subcontractor might charge a homeowner more for services than they would a general contractor? One reason for this is that they consider a request for services from a homeowner to be a “one-time” opportunity, whereas they may get multiple requests from the same general contractor.


Do you know how hiring a general contractor can save you time and money? We can call on a number of subcontractors to obtain competitive bids for each task of your building project, and can find the most economical choices for you.


Are you starting to worry that your cramped office space could be hindering your employees’ productivity? When you need to make more efficient use of the space you have, it may be time to call us in for a commercial remodel.


Did you know that having a general contractor on the site of your project can save you money in the long run? They will ensure that subcontractors (many who charge by the hour) get in and out quickly and efficiently to minimize your overhead.


Inspectors and subcontractors go on vacation or may be unavailable at a desired time, Frustrations occur when materials get back-ordered, discontinued, shipped incorrectly, arrive damaged, or need to be picked up. Let your general contractor worry about all of that!


Weather can be unpredictable, but one of the advantages of hiring a general contractor is that they are ready for anything! We will know when and how to prepare the job site should heavy rain or wind be expected.


General contractors may hire independent specialized contractors rather than use employees for a variety of reasons. First, it’s easier to release a contractor compared to a permanent employee. Economic uncertainty makes hiring employees impractical when there are specialists we can use for specialized projects.


Good general contractors bring you peace of mind. Our knowledge of industry standards and project management expertise are essential to completing any job without risk to you. Perhaps the greatest stress relief we can bring is our ultimately responsible for all the work done.


There are many benefits of tilt-up construction when it comes to commercial construction. Everything from warehouses to retails centers are able to go up with amazing speed and safety, and at a reduced cost compared to other construction methods.


No matter what type of remodeling project you’re dealing with, we can help. We offer expert oversight and execution of everything from foundation work to additions to finishing work.


Having used a variety of different building products, a general contractor has learned the strengths and weakness of different brands and different product applications. We can use this to provide you with recommendations for your project.


If you’ve been renting out space in your older office building for a number of years to the same tenants, you may find that you’re getting more complaints over time. Let’s talk about whether there’s a construction solution to the most common tenant complaints.


When it comes to renovation projects, mistakes can end up being quite costly. We will make sure that every aspect of your project is executed with care and that small mistakes are caught early before they have the chance to become bigger ones.


Good commercial contractors always have to be able to adapt with technology. After all, look how many technologies came and went in the 20th century. At various points, buildings had to be built or rebuilt with speaking tubes, vacuum tubes, steam furnaces, electric lights, telephone lines, networking jacks, air conditioning, and a host of other improvements.


One of the major benefits of hiring a general contractor to oversee your renovation project is that they can help to eliminate costly errors. We will keep on top of your project every step of the way, catching and quickly correcting everything from bad measurements to poor installation.


When it comes to office productivity, more square footage doesn’t always mean things will run smoother. In fact, a simple remodel of your office space could help your employees to drastically improve their productivity.


Do you have a potential tenant for your commercial office building that’s unwilling to sign the lease until certain improvements are made? When you’ve got a deal on the line, we’re always ready to help you make short work of the necessary improvements and repairs.


As your project’s general contractor, we provide all the materials, labor, equipment and services needed for the job. We are also responsible for assembling the right team for the job including any specialized subcontractors for specific aspects of the project.


Are you considering being your own general contractor? Unless you are highly experienced, this could be a lot more stressful than you anticipate. The difficulties of being your own general contractor for your home may be a lot more than you bargained for.


Unfortunately, some of the most unsuitable homes can be all that’s available in your ideal neighborhood. Rather than moving to a part of town you dislike, let’s talk about what changes we can make to that less than ideal home for sale.


If your home has recently experienced an interior flood, you may need more than just flooring repairs. Let us help you assess your home for damage and restore it to its original condition.


The first thing you want to do when vetting a general contractor is to perform a contractor licensing lookup to make sure they are licensed to do the work you need. Most states in the U.S. have free online license check databases available.


Safety is our principal concern on any of our projects. Not only are we dedicated to employee safety, we also want to protect our clients when they visit the site. As such, everyone on site wears proper protective equipment all the time.


Often, construction projects require careful coordination from all involved contractors. For instance, in a bathroom remodel, the tiler will need to wait for the plumber to be finished and so on. We will ensure that all aspects of the job are expertly synched to save you both time and money.


In tilt-up construction, panel forms first need to be created with wooden pieces that are joined together. These essentially act like a mold for the panels, providing the panels’ exact shape, size, and design specifications.


General contractors often start out as construction workers. That way we gain valuable work experience, learning about different aspects of construction. Masonry, carpentry, framing, and plumbing knowledge help general contractors communicate with subcontractors and ensure all jobs are done right.


One of the biggest factors that can age a kitchen is the condition of the cabinets. With cabinet replacement or re-facing, you can breathe new life into your kitchen space and give the room a fresh new look.


Do you have a large attic that you barely use for storage? Whether you want to create another living space or a bedroom, we may be able to help you finish it out to add square footage to your home.


An experienced general contractor can provide insurance coverage for your project that will protect you from potential liabilities as a homeowner. In addition to this, we provides convenience and efficiency.


When remodeling your home, one of the most important things is that the additions be built to last. That may sound elementary but many companies will shave off quality to lower the cost and get your bid. We guarantee we will be honest and upfront with you about costs and will not sacrifice the integrity of the project.


Did you know that adding an island to your kitchen is one of the most common ways to gain more work space? An island can create two to four additional small work stations along its perimeter.


A kitchen remodel can be a cost effective move in many different ways. Not only does this type of improvement add to the value of your home, but when you install energy efficient appliances and materials, you will end up saving money on your monthly utility bills as well.


Storage space can be as important in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen. Cabinets and other storage areas are important to keep in mind when planning any remodel. If you have the space, you might even want to consider adding a small closet.


When creating your bathroom remodeling plan, don’t forget about the bathtub. We offer complete refinishing and restoration services to make your tub look like new again.


If you're planning on remodeling your home, the first thing to consider is the floor plan. Placing the kitchen on the other side of a bedroom isn't conducive to late-night trips to the kitchen.


Do you ever hesitate to invite friends over because you don’t want everyone gathering in your lackluster kitchen? When you need a space that’s a little more socially-friendly, we can help.


There are several approaches to steel building construction. In standard construction, the material fabrication is done at the site of the building according to custom design, whereas in pre-engineered systems, 70 percent of the fabrication is done in the factory and then shipped to the site.


We understand that most people aren’t working with unlimited remodeling budgets. Whether you’re ready to tackle the entire kitchen or just updating the cabinets, we’re always ready to help.


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