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Decor Ironworks Inc Wrought iron railings for Interior and Exterior applications. Free estimates. Year round installations. We fabricate, finish paint, and install wrought iron railings for use on:porches,stairs,decks,patios,fences and gates.

We install wall mounted hand rails. We repair railings when the posts have corroded at the base. We service residential home owners,commercial and residential home builders, and real estate property management groups.

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For longest protection against the elements, particularly in areas of municipality where they are highly visible, guardrails whose surfaces have been powder coated provide a more appealing visual aesthetic.


Railings are available in a variety of materials and designs. Which will go best with your property depends on numerous factors such as environment, aesthetics, restrictions and more. We can help you choose right railing according to your requirements.


Did you know that railings are as much psychological aids as they are physical ones? Case in point, a narrow footbridge placed high up. Without railings, few people would be able to cross such a bridge as their balance would be severely affected.


Wrought iron railings within a home are aesthetically pleasing and need not be boring. Reach out to us for some eye-catching designs that are sure to please.


Glass is a newer concept for stair railings and it is definitely an interesting choice because the railing appears not to be there, but still provides the safety that other designs do.


Obviously, one of the major reasons for installing railing is safety. We use high-grade railing materials as our commitment to providing you both safety and peace of mind.


Having wrought iron railings powder coated in a shade that complements the structure's looks is another lasting process. Many color options!


While many home projects do not concern building codes, stair railings, because of safety concerns, typically must meet building code requirements. Because of our expertise in railings, we can determine whether or not building codes need to be met.


Wrought iron handrail provides an extra safety feature where needed. Custom designs will fit your decor.


Do you know that not all stainless-steel cable railing is created equal? For cable railings, you should use a cable that does not stretch and is as rigid as possible.


Due to their stylish appeal, rought iron is very popular for deck railings. They are also very easy to clean and can withstand even the harshest elements with ease.


With many custom designs to choose from, rought iron is a perfect match for any security needs.


.With the amount of work that goes into keeping a house in good shape, it would help to put in elements that require little maintenance. Railings for instance, should look good but should not need excessive upkeep just to stay that way.


Wrought iron stair spindles provide a classic, sleek look. Depending on the aesthetics of your home or business, iron baluster are a great way to add elegance without overwhelming your interior design.


Guardrails are not solely for public installation; they can be installed in private locations as well. They are of the same quality and design, functioning in the same manner to provide the highest levels of safety.


Yearly maintenance is key to protecting your railings against the ill effects of weather. Be sure to wash away dirt and debris from your railings, and then proceed with sanding and sealing any damaged areas


Two and three wave guardrail/fencing rails come in both corrugated or (hot dip) galvanized steel or powder coating. There are also different options in terms of support posts and openings, depending on the particular application.


Railings help people balance on steps and platforms. Railings provide stability, which is especially important for the elderly, young children, and people with disabilities.


While glass is often seen as a fragile material, the ones used as railings certainly aren't. Like automotive windshields, these panels are at least a quarter inch thick and are tempered so it will take quite a large force to compromise their integrity. Incorporate wrought iron into the design too!


Even if you have strong railings built, accidents can still happen if a child slips between balusters. If there are children or pets in your home, be sure to install railings that have balusters with 4 inch or less open spacing.


A type of railing in use just about anywhere is handrails. A component of most staircases and ramps, these fixtures serve to keep users from getting hurt by helping them keep their balance as they ascend and descend.


When there’s someone with a disability or balance problems in your home, it’s important to invest in strong and durable railings to ensure stability when the person tries to cling on or get support from them.


Consider wrought iron railings for decorative or functional needs.


Could you imagine a deck or balcony without railings? Most people would not dare go near the edge and appreciate the view below, but even if they did, it would be very dangerous!


While railings are an essential part of any deck, walkway, balcony or staircase, this doesn't mean that their purpose is purely functional. With the number of materials and almost limitless designs available, this component can easily turn into a talking point of the space it's in.


To boost curb appeal, try new wrought iron railings on your porch or deck. Standard black or custom color available.


Outdoor safety and security is important. Let Decor Ironworks provide a quote for your home improvement needs.


If you need to put up railings to protect your workers while they do their jobs, you may want to consider using temporary ones. These removable barriers are built to established standards and can be quickly linked together to give your people the space they need to do their work safely.


Aside from protecting and guiding people, railings can also be put in to protect expensive machinery. Low, sturdy and brightly painted guard rails for instance, may be placed around machines to keep things like carts and even vehicles like forklifts from crashing into them.


We are here for security or outside wrought iron railing needs.


There’s certain precision involved with railing installations to make sure that they are sturdy and code-compliant. If you are into DIY home renovations, this is one project you might want to leave to the professionals.


In stadiums and other sporting venues, guardrails can be added to prevent falls and similar accidents. In venues where they already exist, they can be upgraded if the current ones are not up to code.


Besides steel, aluminum is another popular choice for railings. It is much, much lighter than steel and gives both design and installation freedom in different projects.


When making repairs following impact at the terminals of the guardrail, inspect the end system thoroughly for any hidden damage that may potentially compromise the integrity of the structure.


While wooden railings never go out of style, they require more frequent maintenance and upkeep than other materials. Be sure to always inspect, clean, and seal your wooden railings to slow down the decay process.


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