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Creative Caregiver The Creative Caregiver hopes to make life easier for those with special needs. We want to make life brighter with lots of cheery fabric and other creative materials.

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Watch the YouTube’s —- End Well


I am working on this page. Hope to be up and posting lots of ideas for Creative Caregiving.

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How to make an easy face mask that's washable and reusable with spare fabric

This is the easiest to follow video. Trust me! I have seen lots of them in the past 24 hours. I would suggest adding a layer of nonwoven interfacing inside. You can get fancier and leave the bottom open so people can add their own mask to the inside or a layer of hepa filter paper. To do a metal piece over the nose you can stitch in a doubled over pipe cleaner, a bread bag twist tie, or any other bending type of metal that has smooth edges. Make that 2 or 3 inches long.
Don't worry about them looking professional. Just do it!!!
I am washing a load of fabric right now and then I will hit the ground running.
Show off what you have made please. That will be an inspiration to others! You might save a life.

Mom (Jenny Doan) had a great idea yesterday. She wanted to do something to help with this coronavirus situation we're in. And while a face mask will not prev...


I haven't posted on this site in ages. My life sort of took a turn in another direction. I will however be posting on it regularly as we try to survive this present crisis and maybe more after that. Please share with your friends and family.
Let me know if you have ideas you would like for me to add to this site that you think will be helpful to others.
Lynn ----- Creative Caregiver

How to sew Face Mask with Filter Fabric + easy Pattern

This is a super easy one to make. There are lots on the internet and Youtube so you can now do some research on your own. She didn't recommend washing it often, but I do. So make lots of them!
I realized that I bought some fabric that would be sewn on the bottom of upholstered furniture as a dust barrier. I will double that fabric and I think you can use any kind of woven fabric that is lightweight on the outside ---- cotton calico, woven knits, etc. Now to go find that woven fabric!
Stay safe.

This is a sewing tutorial for a light weight face mask made with a layer of non woven material. This kind of fabric have filtering properties, are light weig...

How to Make a Dust Mask out of a Tee Shirt

I have been posting about face masks all week. I am still researching. It seems that 2 layers of cotton fabric aren't much help. But if you have to have a mask and don't own a sewing machine the get out a t-shirt and watch this video. This is for dust, but you can add things inside it to help make it better than having nothing on your face. Apparently you can cut up vacuum cleaner bags and use that as a filtration. You can double up facial tissues and place inside the mask. Tyvex that is used for painter suits and such will help. Double it!!! These things make breathing a bit difficult, but better than nothing if you get in a tight situation.
I will in a bit put up some photos/youtubes on how to make masks. Japan is doing a good job with this. If you use a mask use gloves to take it off if you can. The front of the mask could be contaminated. If it is cloth then wash it is HOT water and detergent. Dry thoroughly before wearing again.
I think I like the more fitted masks better than the ones with pleats. Then again the pleats add layers.
To my sewing friends..........Make them for your family and then share with others ! Stay safe.

Learn how to make a dust mask out of a tee shirt using just a pair of scissors. I use the proportion of my hand and thumb to determine the size. I personally...


I have ideas for 30 YouTube’s to help people create helpful and creative items. Hope to begin filming soon. Was waiting to do it when I could get my hair fixed and make up done. Think I better go ahead and do it, and not worry about hair and make up. Hope to see you soon!


I am wondering if I did videos of sewing for people with physical challenges, would people find it helpful?

This is nuts! I am a hugger. I like to kiss people on the top of the head if we connect on something and I am in that po...
The Salesman

This is nuts! I am a hugger. I like to kiss people on the top of the head if we connect on something and I am in that position. This is not grabbing. This is definitely not assault. . We need to hug those people who are getting caught up in the opioid crisis. We need to worry about so many other things.

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Haven't posted on here for ages. My brother has to have a total shoulder replacement done due to a fall. My mind has been racing to think of things I can make to help his recuperation more comfortable. I will maybe post photos of my sewing creations today!


If you get lonely today go to a nursing home and take some candy canes. You will be met by many who will love to see you! Merry Christmas...Lynn

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Check out for cancer patients. Love the individuality and the comfort.


My only question about that last post....Music is great, but I don't have dementia and I have a hard time with my Nano. I guess a staff member or family might help. I definitely want lots of good music if I end up with dementia!


Please share my page with friends who would find it helpful...caregivers, medical personel, church leaders, etc.


I will be making potholder walker bags with 3rd -5th graders at church tomorrow. Will try to take some photos. They will be glueing items onto potholders and then giving them to people in our church who use walkers. Great after church activity!


Have you put up a new wreath on a loved ones door for winter? Great way for people in nursing homes to KNOW where their room is. Maybe make a wreath and take to a nursing home. Ask them to give it away as a bingo prize. Could also do this for a church friend who is in a nursing home.

12/09/2011 - Simplifying Caregiving, Supporting Caregivers | had a great idea today. Put together a "Blessings Book" with an Alzheimer patient. They also had other great activities. Holidays/Christmas can be very stressful. Check out this site for other great activities that will reduce stress and make for happy memories.

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I am working on opening an store. Will be selling aprons/bibs for men and women as well as walker bags and seated walker covers. Great gifts for the holidays. Let me know if you need something special order.


I have been sewing away this week. How about some aprons for Christmas presents? Know someone who needs a pretty apron for dining? Terrycloth bibs are a no-no for people who are over age 4. Go with pizazzzzz............not boring.


If you want your loved one to wear a pretty gown and not have to wear an unattractive hospital gown consider asking someone who sews to cut a couple of gowns up the back about 2/3rds and then hem the edges. This way it is easier to change the person in bed, and the person is also not laying on lots of fabric. This works on those pretty Shadowline gowns very well. I fixed several gowns like this for my mother.
Do all you can to make your mama feel feminine and pretty!


I am going to post photos of new items that are not in the book. They will become sewing patterns soon!


I have a zillion followers on tweeter, but I don't understand what they are "following"..... Any advice on how to "use" tweeter and FB better. What do y'all want from Creative Caregiver?


If you want to find out HOW to make a little "holster" for a reacher thingy. Let me know. It fits right on the walker or wheelchair.


Please share my FB page and my website with anyone you know who has a loved one who uses a walker or wheelchair or is in a nursing home. Also have them contact me if they "problems" to solve regarding HOW to make daily living easier. I have LOTS of ideas.


I am thinking of starting a blog for family members of people who need caregiving. What do y'all think about that?


New Bern, NC


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