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Voodoo Chile Sauces World famous BACON hot sauces and CRAFT BEER collaborations with some of America's finest breweries. #Saucesomeness lives here! Awesome sauces for awesome people!

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Don't miss out, sauce fans! This weekend only, we have some killer BOGO deals on a couple of our best sellers, a short revisit of a popular, beloved powdered sauce (see video for more), and you can use promo code HALLOWEEN to score 25% OFF of anything that's not already hugely discounted! DON'T DELAY, though ... this one is going quick!

Great taste, NO gimmicks, and a kickass SALE

If you love #BACON, but tired of being disappointed, then we've got something that is going to put a smile on your face, and some fire on your food! Check out this sale that's as big as the flavor bomb these products deliver.

HUGE SALE, happening now!

You asked, we delivered! Our beloved powdered BACON hot sauce, now in a mild form ... and you can get in early AND score a tasty 25% OFF!!! Porcus Original is loved round the world for its delicious flavors and family friendly level of heat. Dropping mid week next week. Pre order yours NOW to ensure that you get yours before the first batch sells out ... and did I mention that it's 25% OFF? ALSO ... use promo code BACON at check-out to score 20% of anything else in your order that's not already deeply discounted!


A tasty 20% OFF with promo code BACON! Also, check the ON SALE tab on the website for more exciting deals that are ending SOON!


Porcus Bacon Me Crazy hot sauce

An awesome Father / Daughter team giving an honest review of our collaborative effort with PuckerButt Pepper Company: Bacon Me Crazy is the original Porcus Infernum recipe, except Ed Currie & Brett Rogers concocted the deliciously got pepper blend that goes into each batch of BMC! Click to see what they think ...

Will me and Magma Monkey go crazy for this bacon flavored hot sauce? Come find out! #SAUCESOMENESS #PORCUSrocks

HUGE Labor Day Sale is under way!

Huge #sale happening now! Score 20% OFF of anything that's NOT already on sale by using promo code BACON. World famous #BACON hot sauces, and official #CraftBeer collaboration hot sauces, created in partnership with some of the planet's finest brewers!

Don't delay, though, because this sale ends soon!


Back Home, Big Sale!

We're back from a much needed vacation / retreat, especially in the midst of the insanity in the world this year! We'd like to help you help make your meals all the more awesome with some sweet deals on some #Saucesomeness! Use promo code BACON to score a tasty 20% OFF of any order or any size!



FREAK SHOW is a thick, delicious, Garlic & Jalapeno hot sauce without equal. For a VERY Limited time, we have Buy One Get One FREE sale happening, that you don't want to miss! Just add one Freak Show to your cart, and 2 will get shipped. If you buy 2, you'll get 4 ... and so on! :-)


Beer, Bacon and the Pursuit of Saucesomeness

Beer, Bacon, and the Pursuit of #Saucesomeness.

ALSO ... check out our ON SALE page on the website. Try all 5 of our best selling POWDERED HOT SAUCES for only $25, including shipping!


PORCUS Brand is an off-shoot of Voodoo Chile Sauces & Salsa, and the banner under which our entire line of world famous, intensely delicious BACON hot sauces...

Powdered Porcus (fiery bacon) on kosher pickles.  That's become a thing now. #Saucesomeness  comes in many packages.

Powdered Porcus (fiery bacon) on kosher pickles. That's become a thing now. #Saucesomeness comes in many packages.

Being auctioned LIVE, this afternoon, at Spanky's Shenanigans. 100% of proceeds goes to LBHN - Loudoun Breast Health Net...

Being auctioned LIVE, this afternoon, at Spanky's Shenanigans. 100% of proceeds goes to LBHN - Loudoun Breast Health Network.

Bacon Hot Sauces + Father's Day

Make Father's Day a special treat with the gift that keeps on giving: BACON HOT SAUCES! Use promo code DAD to score 21% OFF today, but hurry. Father's Day is this Sunday!

IMAGINE ... BACON as a Hot Sauce

Our bacon hot sauces have all been moved over to the new branding & logo: PORCUS Brand. Check out our latest video, and make sure to use promo code BACON to score a tasty 20% OFF this weekend!

According to BACON Today and fans from around the world, PORCUS Brand offers the most convincing and intensely flavored bacon hot sauces on the planet. We we...

Bacon Makes EVERYTHING Better!

BACON? Indeed. Discover what has so many people talking ... and salivating for more. POWDERED PORCUS, another Voodoo Chile exclusive. Use promo code BACON to score 20% OFF of this and any other in-stock items (excludes package deals)


Score all 4 for $24, incl. Shipping!

Score all 4 for $24, incl. Shipping!

Ed Currie has been a huge supporter and source of encouragement since our very first day in business. Kick back and enjo...

Ed Currie has been a huge supporter and source of encouragement since our very first day in business. Kick back and enjoy the mini documentary, OBSESSED.


Make Every Day Taco Tuesday!

The Quitessential TACO Arsenal of #Saucesomeness.

* * * All 4 for only $24, includes shipping! You don't wanna miss this one!


BACON-X, a baconized molé style hot sauce with a nice addition of Black Naga (ghost) chiles ... BACON TACO, a fiery bacon themed taco sauce that brings respectable fire with a ton of flair ... TEXAS SAND our southwestern style powedered hot sauce ... and finally, POWDERED PORCUS!


Voodoo Chile Spiceworx

Voodoo Chile Spiceworx

CAUSTIC CRAB ... a new twist on an old Bay style seafood tradition! The seasoning blends that the Chesapeake is world famous for meet some intense flavor twists and a really nice kick of lingering FIRE. Use promo code CRAB at check-out to score 20% OFF of your entire order!


Founder's Birthday Sale! 29% OFF Everything!

29% OFF? This weekend only!
Help us help you help make any meal something special all the year through! Our founder is celebrating some sort of anniversary of his 29th birthday. Use promo code BIRTHDAY at checkout! Cheers!

GET SOME! Craft beer hot sauces from Samuel Adams as well as Flying Dog Brewery, delicious BACON hot sauces, powdered ho...

GET SOME! Craft beer hot sauces from Samuel Adams as well as Flying Dog Brewery, delicious BACON hot sauces, powdered hot sauces, and more!


Do you like rock n roll music? Yeah, we do too, and we'd like to turn you on to a little secret: we're staging up a camp...
Rock Rage Radio - Rock Rage Radio

Do you like rock n roll music? Yeah, we do too, and we'd like to turn you on to a little secret: we're staging up a campaign to takeover the Dawn of the Underground Radio Show, this Monday, at 6pm EST. Be ready to grab your favourite neuro modifier, a plate filled with a delivery system for your favorite shades of #Saucesomeness, and LET'S GET READY TO STUMBLE!!!!!!!


What if you had ‘5 Minutes Alone’ to spend with a band? What would you ask them? I opted for a no holds barred, honest and open opportunity to take five minutes to dig in deep and get to know the band. No filters, no edits, just real talk in this interview series. Not the […]

Simply Sublime: Powdered Hot Sauces

Have you been introduced to our line of dry products? If not, you're missing out on some wonderfully delicious, truly oiriginal fiery dry condiments. The weapons you need to fight the good fight against flaccid food, and the tools you want to make a great dish a work of culinary art! Use promo code CORONA to score a tasty 20% DISCOUNT on any in stock sauces and seasonings!


BACON makes everything better!

BACON ... the world famous PORCUS Brand flavor profile now available as a powdered hot sauce! Official debut today, April 20th, 2020. Order some now while what's left of the first batch lasts (most sold via pre-orders). Introductory 10% discount already applied. Shop now at:


Your meals will never be the same!

Our world famous BACON hot sauce, finally in powdered form! The excitement and feedback from those who've sampled it has been outstanding; more than any other product in our 7 year history! Set to debut this Monday, 4-20-2020, most of the first batch has already pre-sold. Score yours NOW by pre-ordering via the link below!

Porcus brand

Porcus brand

The LONG awaited arrival of Powdered Porcus is upon us. Official debut this Monday, April 20th. Find out what all the raving is about by those who scored pre-release samples! BACON ... in a bottle ... as a powdered hot sauce! Pre-Order now at:


Bacon, Beer, and Saucesomeness

Bacon hot sauces, craft beer hot sauces, and the planet's most unique powdered hot sauces are all 20% OFF with promo code CORONA. Watch the video, please considering sharing it, and get your order in today while supplies last!


The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt of #SAUCESOMENESS

Turn up the volume, go Full Screen to watch, and watch closely to find the hidden easter egg! First 3 people to find it and use it will be epic winners! Listen and watch, and hang in there until the end for hints and a new product early reveal!

Porcus brand

Porcus brand

GOT BACON? We do! An entire line of unique and wildly delicious bacon hot sauces! Check it out! Use promo code CORONA for a tasty 20% discount! Hurry, this sale is almost over!



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Our Story

Awesome sauces for awesome people! What started as a quest became a company. An endeavor to discover became a driving passion to create. We were the first to bring the world a convincing, usable bacon hot sauce. We have since had the privilege of working with Peppadew®, Samuel Adams, Old Ox Brewery, PuckerButt Pepper Company, Adroit Theory, Flying Dog and other fantastic companies bringing some wildly unique spicy products to the world.

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I choose to add this to my Lo Mein.... anything would be uncivilized
Thank you so much I just received my Rome is Burning spices. Appreciate the good business an the something extra!
Mixed Powdered Porcus with sour creme for an awesome chip dip...
Caustic Crab on a bunch of catfish and bluegill tonight. I may have under estimated the heat!!!!
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In my most recent order you guys included a couple freebies and a hand written note thanking me for my support. What an amazing company! Great customer service AND great products. I’ll ALWAYS order from you! ♥️
OMG! Sorry everyone. I accidentally miniaturized Thomas Toth
Love the sauces and cant wait for the 2nd hot sauce convention and to see you guys again!
THIS is going above and beyond. I can’t thank you guys enough for the magical feeling I got when I opened the box and saw 3 bottles instead of the 2 I ordered. THIS is what small businesses have to offer- the personalized touch and care that are often lost on bigger companies. Backstory: I tried the Freak Show sauce at a bacon festival in PA and bought it on the spot. It is a part of my breakfast every day I eat breakfast- it’s unbelievably good on eggs, home fries, and toast. I am now ruined for all other hot sauces and will only allow this one on my plate. I burned through that bottle and needed more, so I ordered online at their site. With the extra bottle, I plan to pay it forward and Xmas gift it to someone I hope will also get hooked on it. Looking forward to trying more of your sauces and hope to see you at more festivals and watch your continued success! Thank you, Voodoo Chile, for your delicious hot sauces, but also for being a best-in-class small business with employees who go above and beyond for your customers!!
Delicious jerk salmon, thanks to our new jerk seasoning we bought at PA Bacon Fest!
Thomas Toth, told me that there are a few people that would kill for this, so I am handing this bottle over to him. Who wants it? Best price obviously wins.
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