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Did you know? There are about 24,000 electrical fires each year, accounting for about 6% of all fires in residential buildings. These fires start most often in bedrooms or attics. Be aware of malfunctioning outlets or damaged wiring and have them repaired promptly.


In an electrical power outage, at least you will have your phone, right? Well, as long as you have it charged, you will. It's a good idea to have a solar backup charger just in case.


Do you know what AC/DC actually stands for? It's more than just your favorite rock band. It stands for alternating current and direct current. Alternating is the current that comes out of the wall, while direct comes from batteries and solar cells.


If your power goes out, it's more than just the lights. It means no AC or heat, and if you have well water that requires a pump, you should always have bottled water on hand for those situations.


If your power is out, don't open the refrigerator: Food will remain refrigerated for 24 hours and frozen for 24-36 hours. When in doubt, don't be afraid to discard it.


Myth: You save energy by leaving the lights on rather than turning them on and off when you enter a room because of "startup" power. This is false. You always save energy by turning off lights.


Myth: An insulated power line is safe to touch. Treat all power lines as if they are live and never safe to touch. It only takes one amp to cause a fatal heart irregularity.


You probably know that a sudden power surge can wreck your computer, but did you know a sudden power loss can cause a hard shutdown and damage the hardware? Control the risk with a battery backup as well as a surge protector.


When the power goes off, it's smart to go around making sure that TV's, stereo equipment, etc, are unplugged - and then plug them in one at a time once the power comes back on.


How to read an analog electricity meter: Read the dials from left to right and record it. That is your starting point. This number should be deducted from the next reading to determine the number of kilowatt hours used.


Did you know? Electricians spend about 4-8 years training for safe repair, inspection, and installation of electrical services. Electricity is not the place for a steep learning curve. When you need electrical work done, call a professional.


A transformer, with regard to electrical current, alters the high-voltage electricity that travels through power lines and changes it to the low-voltage that keeps your home humming.


Do you know what it means to buy "clean" electricity? It means purchasing renewable electricity directly from a supplier. It is sometimes referred to as "green power." Ask your service provider to learn more.


Myth: A wooden or fiberglass ladder will not carry electricity. They may be safer than metal, but wet or dirty fiberglass or wood will still conduct. It's always best to call a professional to work with electricity.


Sometimes you have to cut the breaker yourself while you wait for a professional. If you do, make sure you shut off each circuit first before the main to avoid overload. Replacing a breaker panel is expensive.


Did you know that you can monitor your home's electricity usage with a usage monitor? They can measure the use of any 120V device, which does not include water heaters, central air units, or dryers.


Did you know that Thomas Edison, considered the father of electricity, held 512 patents - 425 of which were connected to light and power, and many of which were improvements on existing inventions?


Myth: If a wire is live, it will make sparks when it falls. You should never assume a downed wire is not live. The spark occurs when it doesn't make firm contact. Otherwise it does not spark or make noise, but you should always assume it is live and not touch it.


Faulty outlets, appliances, or light fixtures, along with overloaded power strips, are often the source of electrical fires. It's a good idea to walk through your home or business regularly, looking for problem areas.


If you are looking to reduce your power usage, keeping a log is a great place to start.
Record the time spent cooking or using the TV or appliances and use the log to look for potential changes in your usage.


If your basement floods, do not enter unless you are certain the power is off. Water conducts electricity. Further, don't turn on any appliances that were in a flood unless they have been cleared by a professional.


An advanced power strip can be an economical, convenient solution to high electric bills. They are designed to reduce the electricity wasted when electronics are idle, known as "phantom" or "vampire" load.


If you have a digital meter, you may never see a meter reader, as the readings are transmitted wirelessly to the electric company. Remember: You cannot reset your own digital meter. Only your electric company can do that, should you ever need it.


Do you know where most of the electricity in the United States comes from? If you said fossil fuels, you are correct! The second source is natural gas, followed by nuclear.


Did you know? Many appliances still use a little power even when powered off, known as "phantom load," which can increase household energy consumption. Unplug the appliance or use a power strip to avoid constantly powering it.


Did you know that you can generally find the wattage of the appliance stamped on the bottom of it, the back of it, or on the nameplate? The wattage is the maximum power drawn by the appliance.


"The real potential of electricity lies not in providing social amenities but in stimulating long-term economic development" - Christopher Flavin, former president of the Worldwatch Institute.


Fun Fact: Lightning is actually a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. It travels at around 130,000 miles per hour and reach nearly 54,000 °F in temperature.


You needn't have to have a drastic makeover of your home in order to lower your electricity bills. Many of the adjustments are small and easy and can bring big savings. We can conduct an energy audit and point out simple things that you can do.


When buying electronic equipment, select those that automatically go into “sleep” or “hibernation” mode. Choose an acceptable time lag and set the timer for this to save on electricity bills when the machines aren't being used.


Older major appliances use significantly more electricity than comparable newer models, some by as much as thirty percent or more. Look for appliances that are Energy Star rated for the biggest savings.


If you have an electric clothes dryer, cut energy costs by drying loads in succession, before the tumbling drum has a chance to cool. The residual heat cuts energy use by ten to fifteen percent.


Ever wondered why birds sitting on a power line don’t get electrocuted? If a bird sits on just one power line it is safe. However, if the bird touches another line with a wing or a foot, a circuit is created, which will result in electrocution.


Clean your oven regularly to improve its efficiency and reduce the amount of energy used. Keep the oven window clean and change the light bulb. Using them to check cooking progress rather than opening the door prevents energy loss.


If you are not satisfied with the rates and services you are receiving from your current electricity provider, speak with us. We will look at your rates and show you how we can save money by switching over to us.


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