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Traks R Us Dependable Door Track Repair Company in Corona, California. Traks R Us is a door track repair company in Corona, California.

We have the skill and expertise to handle all of your patio door repair needs. It is our mission to provide you with cost-effective solutions for your patio or sliding door problems. Our owner has more than 30 years of industry experience, and we proudly offer free estimates for your convenience. Would you like the convenience of a sliding glass door repair service? At Traks R Us we proudly offer

We have the skill and expertise to handle all of your patio door repair needs. It is our mission to provide you with cost-effective solutions for your patio or sliding door problems. Our owner has more than 30 years of industry experience, and we proudly offer free estimates for your convenience. Would you like the convenience of a sliding glass door repair service? At Traks R Us we proudly offer

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Not sure whether you need hollow or solid interior doors for your home? This will depend primarily on the level of sound proofing you want. While solid doors are more expensive, they are much better at blocking noise.


Did you know that some commercial security doors are specially designed to be able to resist corrosive conditions? This type of door is going to be ideal in industrial settings or in highly exposed external applications.


Have you ever seen a blue front door? People say it’s a color that commands respect, which is why many uniforms and business suits come in a navy blue color. This would be a door color that says “sophisticated success”.


Nowadays, the design formula for commercial hollow metal doors has been improved in order to make them more lightweight than their previous versions. This along with additional security makes these doors among the best available.


Louver doors make a great option for your laundry room, as they permit plenty of open ventilation. These doors are typically made of wood and are available primarily in pine, oak, and maple.


When you have automatic sliding doors installed as the entry point for your business, they send an immediate message of “Come in – We are glad to see you.” Studies show that retail businesses with doors that open automatically have a higher rate of foot traffic.


The front door to your home should be attractive and inviting to provide a good first impression. An old, battered door can give visitors the wrong message before they even set foot inside.


Power-assisted doors are a type of automatic door. When a person pulls or pushes on the door, the open or close cycle is triggered and automatically engages.


Did you know that fiberglass entry doors are extremely energy efficient? These types of doors are constructed with foam insulation and built-in weather stripping, both which work to block the transfer of heat and cold.


"Does location have an impact on the useful life of a window screen?" Yes, in some cases it can. Screens located on the windy or sunny side of a building or those near trees with windblown fruits or seeds may deteriorate at a faster than normal rate.


How old are window screens? Archaeological evidence shows that they were used in ancient Egypt and China. Up until the 20th century, loosely-woven cloth fabric (silk, linen, wool, or cotton) was the material used for the screening.


When the inside and outside temperature is nearly the same, air-conditioning systems sometimes struggle to keep your house cool. Those are the perfect days to open the windows and turn off the A-C.


With window screen repair, your technician will first assess whether the screen can be patched or whether it needs to be completely replaced. For repairs, the material mesh type and screening material must match the original screen.


It is a good idea to wash your screens during the year. If you take screens down in winter, rinse them. Let them dry before storage, and cover them with an old sheet to keep dust and dirt from re-accumulating.


What type of window screen offers the highest amount of security? Heavy gauge aluminum window screen. This type of screen can resist attempts to cut through the screening material plus its heavy mesh offers privacy and pest resistant benefits too.


Do you know why charcoal color is most commonly used when it comes to window screens? This is because it has the best outward visibility. Another popular screen finish is black, as it also reduces glare for greater visibility.


Looking for a little more strength to your screen? Then you might want to look into an aluminum screen. The metal is quite a bit stronger than other screens to prevent sagging, and the aluminum will naturally resist rust and corrosion.


If your kitchen is a high activity area, grease and oils can build up on the screen of the window where air exhausts. Cleaning this screen involves a little more diligence and elbow grease. We use environmentally safe surfactants and hotter water to perform the task.


Is engineered wood a real wood product? If you guessed yes, you're right. It's made up of layered wood and wood byproducts bonded together using polymer fixatives. Together they form a composite material that's strong and attractive but usually less expensive than solid wood.


You might be surprised at how easy it is to cool a house down if you just open the windows, and how much less you’ll spend in energy costs. Getting the right screens installed will make it easier for you to open your windows more often and enjoy the fresh air.


Did you know that fiberglass finishes (whether painted or stained) will last up to three times longer than they do when applied to wood doors? This is because fiberglass won’t swell or shrink during changing weather conditions.


Want an ecologically friendly way to reduce your summer cooling costs? Consider upgrading to solar window screens, which are designed to block the majority of the sun’s rays from entering your home.


A solid wood door can look incredible and give your house a great feeling of class. An important thing to remember, though, is to keep it regularly maintained. Exterior doors should be treated to repel water so it can remain sturdy.


Window screens can be a great way to get a breeze going through the house, but it can also remind your pets they would rather be outside. If your pets have a history of destroying window screens, you might want to check out screens made with heavy-duty vinyl-covered polyester.


Like most exterior elements on your property, your doors require care and maintenance. You probably already know that some door materials are more weather resistant than others. Some low maintenance door materials include: fiberglass, steel, steel frame, and engineered wood.


Everybody likes to crack a window for a little fresh air, but bugs have always been a problem. Window screens have actually been a solution to this problem for quite a long time. The first written record of window screens appear in an 1823 edition of American Farmer.


Did you know that wooden doors aren’t your only option for exterior doors? In addition to glass doors, you may also opt for a steel door that’s been crafted to have the same look as wood.


If any of your window screens develop holes or tears, it may not be necessary to replace the whole thing. Depending on the extent of the damage, many screens can be easily repaired or patched, restoring their effectiveness.


Can you use a metal screening material other than aluminum on an aluminum window frame? If you guessed that this is a poor idea, you're right. Mixing metals has the potential to cause problems with premature oxidation.


Not sure if you want sliding doors on your patio or French doors? Maybe you want something else entirely. We can help you decide what the best options you might have for look, energy efficiency, and budget. You can have the patio of your dreams.


Need an emergency fix for a small hole in your screen? A dab of clear nail polish or duct tape applied to both sides (make sure the sticky sides touch each other through the hole) will get you through a day or two until you can have the screen replaced.


If you have the space, french patio doors can help add a bit of style and sophistication to your house. These double doors often include glass in the doors, usually broken up into a variety of different panes, sometimes containing up to fifteen different panes of glass.


Screens for windows and doors were not available until the process for weaving wire cloth was developed. Before that, cheesecloth was often the material of choice for keeping bugs out and letting fresh air in.


Did you know you can choose different finishes for your door’s hardware? Whether champagne, white, bright brass, satin nickel, or bronze is best for your home’s look, a qualified installer can help you make the right hardware choice and match the style of your home.


While you may enjoy the nice breeze your get whenever you open your windows, the number of flying insects that use it as an opportunity to get inside may keep you from doing it as much as you’d like. Let’s talk about how adding screens to your windows could help you get the best of both worlds.


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