WA Commercial Kitchens and Bars

WA Commercial Kitchens and Bars WA Commercial Kitchens and Bars supplies Custom Stainless Steel, commercial catering equipmemt, refrigeration.
15 years inhouse experience in hospitality.

Commercial Kitchen and bar equipment supplier, custom stainless, extraction canopies and ducting. Design and construct..

Only at Bunnings


Edit: Only at Bunnings has been asked to clarify that this is only at NSW and ACT stores and remove this post. This post will not be removed.
Bunnings is a nationwide chain with stores operating in every state and should be putting in a nationwide effort to help struggling Aussie farmers. Share this post if you think EVERY BUNNINGS IN AUSTRALIA SHOULD BE JOINING IN!

Get behind dry July... well done Eve...

Get behind dry July... well done Eve...

Dry July means I have excellent balance when I’m at the bar.

It’s not too late to donate! Link in bio

#dryjulyfoundation #dryjuly #dryjuly2018

This is a thing of beauty.,,

This is a thing of beauty.,,

The Iannotti Lab has been described by Reporter Gourmet as Kresios’s nasa. The 35 squared meters, that are equipped with a super Marrone kitchen, will be the space where gastronomic experimentation will take place

Beautiful Spicy seafood, from a long term client / friend....Thanks Eing...It’s lovely...Namaste 🙏

Beautiful Spicy seafood, from a long term client / friend....
Thanks Eing...
It’s lovely...
Namaste 🙏

Happy birthday Manuka team....

Happy birthday Manuka team....


Staff, customers, friends and family, thank you for supporting our little restaurant. What a ride!!!




Making mozzarella is a form of art. Here's the labor of love that goes into each bite.

🐝To just "bee"

🐝To just "bee"

I bought Om Power Yoga before I had even set foot in the studio, as a leap of faith.

I stepped off the plane from my Yoga Teacher Training in Sydney, having never taught a class, and into my own studio space to teach my very first student of Yoga. Some of the students from that first week of classes are still practicing with me today.

When I walk around Fremantle, I see these busy little bees, all buzzing busily around, going about their busy bee business, some are putting out fires - some are just trying to make honey. But when bees enter the hive, and taste that sweet, divine nectar - they become very still. OMPY grew, one bee at a time, into one of the many hives of Fremantle, where the bees could come and taste the sweet nectar and be still, so that they could fill up their cups and keep making honey.

I’ve had the pleasure of having you all buzz into my classes here and there, for an hour or so, where you’ve let me be your Queen Bee, you’ve allowed me to protect you, nourish you, hold you and lull you into sweet, safe and still surrender. We dive in and get soaked from head to toe in that sweet nectar. You came for the yoga but you stayed for something greater.

I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it.

In opening OMPY, I’ve learned some of my greatest lessons, made some of my greatest friends, discovered some of the greatest qualities of myself and I’ve delivered my greatest offerings as a Yoga Teacher. It’s through you, my little community of bumble bees, that I’ve grown into the teacher, and the person, I am today. For everything, I am so grateful.

Every single class, every single moment, I am inspired by you all.

Every single morning I wake up with Gratitude in my heart because I am able to teach yoga. I’m one of the lucky few people who gets to use my skills and talents to do what I love most, what I’m passionate about, for a living.

Every single day I show up and say, “How can serve today?”

I’ve worked tirelessly for the past two years, with so many painful setbacks, from this infinite well of love and generosity to create what I’ve created here.

People would always ask me,
‘Why are you ALWAYS working, what are you even doing?’
I’d reply,
“I’m just making Honey.”

In all this Honey-Making, I’ve had the privilege of defining my true passion and purpose - and I’m sad to say, it’s not in owning OM Power Yoga. My true Passion and Purpose, the thing I love the most, the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is:

Teaching Yoga!

I’m sad and relieved to say, I’ve sold OM Power Yoga I’m passing over the Queen Bee’s crown, but I’m ECSTATIC and relieved to say that I’ll still be teaching at OMPY, under the careful and loving management of the new owner, an absolute Honey, an inspired and vibrant woman that I have the pleasure of calling my friend,

Madelaine Fisher.

Embrace the change! The nectar will only get better from here with this amazing woman by my side.

We’ll both be updating you all with more details at a later date but I’d like to use this time to say thank you, OMPY community, my family.. for having me, for holding me, for loving me and for growing with me. It’s been one hell of an amazing ride.

Keep making honey.


Eve OM

Great little spot.. check it out...

Great little spot.. check it out...

Network morning

Network morning

Travel is Life

A legend indeed... will be missed by many...
thoughts to his family ..

SPECIAL EDITION: I'm deeply saddened by the news of legendary traveler and chef Anthony Bourdain's tragic passing. The guy who lived the life I've always dreamed of ended his too soon. Today we honor his life as he takes his final journey into parts unknown.

Well done my friend.. fun times ahead... namaste

Well done my friend.. fun times ahead... namaste

Congratulations to Ni**od and the Kazoomies team for the achievement of 'Excellence in Hospitality' at the 2018 Fremantle Business Awards!!! A well earned award 🙌
Special thank you to our amazing customers and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.
Now it's party time 😎

#foodart #chef #artofplating #cafe #restaurant #fresh #delicious #homemade #goodeats #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodlove #foodporn #chefmade #tapas #desserts #breakfast #brunch #middleeasternfood #foodforfoodies #fremantleports #kazoomies

Very sad news.. reach out... lost for words..

Very sad news.. reach out... lost for words..

As a sign of respect.... #anthonybourdain
R.I.P Chef!
To be honest (after being a chef for 15 years) I really think we need to have some more support as Chefs. It's not easy. And when we need to relax on our rare day off, what do we do? I'm happy as the owner of The Chef's Circle to do whatever I can to help! If anyone wants to join me let me know! In the mean time please...
Please like, share, comment etc... hopefully the charity listed above will contact us so we can work together for the hospitality trade!

Very excited to be involved with this project....More to follow...Enjoy

Very excited to be involved with this project....

More to follow...


(Watch this space for more details)

Afternoon folks, I thought you might like to get the skinny on what we’re up to at BFM...

If you’ve visited the Farmers Market recently you may have noticed we’re making a few changes...

We’ve shifted the guest services desk a little to the left in the checkout area to give us the space to expand the cafe at the Market.

Here’s a sneak peek at the artists impression of the new cafe setup - see pic!

It promises to be quite an improvement on the current setup with more space and a larger selection of yummy Market Made goodies!

Let me know if you’d like me to share more details over the coming weeks?

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!


Late afternoon urgent install of new Eswood ES32... when the old unit pass on... this morning.  RIP

Late afternoon urgent install of new Eswood ES32...
when the old unit pass on... this morning.

Get this deal

Get this deal

FIGHT WINTER BACK with our LAMB SHANK LUNCH SPECIAL at 25$. And yes, a glass of house wine is included. Enjoy!

Busy little spot

Busy little spot

Humans At Sea

Just about days it all... make the effort.. enjoy

Best thing you will watch today!


Mindmaps.... looks yummo

Sam Burke live at UNOX AUSTRALIA Stand (K2) at FSA Sydney

Enjoy guys and gals...

Enjoy guys and gals...

UNOX Australia is ready for Day 1 of 3 at the Foodservice Australia Tradeshow. International Convention Centre Sydney - ICC Sydney

Come and visit us at stand #K2

Great food at this place... enjoy...

Great food at this place... enjoy...

Our sister restaurant Salsa Rossa is now OPEN and have launched their new WINTER MENU. Located in the heart of East Fremantle, Salsa Rossa resides in Limones’ original location on the corner at 77 George St.

CALL: 9319 1440
VISIT: https://salsarossa.com.au

#sameowners #samegreatquality #italian #eatinandtakeaway #eastfremantle

When your on tour on the East coast.. you leave your charger behind... hotel calls and say we have it shall I post it to...

When your on tour on the East coast.. you leave your charger behind... hotel calls and say we have it shall I post it to you..
I say don’t worry ..
“Pay it forward”
And the hotels sends this picture..
Warms my heart...

Keep warm at this place as it will also warm your soul....

Keep warm at this place as it will also warm your soul....

Dippity doo daa dippity day
My oh my what a thundery day ⛈
Here's a little sunshine, coming your way ☀️
dippity doo daa dippity day

*due to the approaching weather, we are assessing whether we will be able to open tomorrow 🤔 *

Our opening hours are Fri - Sun 8.30am to 2.30pm.
For bookings please text 0401 838 751 or you can book through our page.

Photography cred: Maria Wilson

#foodart #chef #artofplating #cafe #restaurant #fresh #delicious #homemade #goodeats #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodlove #foodporn #chefmade #tapas #middleeasternfood #foodforfoodies #fremantleports #kazoomies

Chilling with William...

Chilling with William...

Official opening at Squires Landing at Circular Quay Sydney
#jamessquire @ Overseas Passenger Terminal


True words .. great guy and professional..

So impressed with Morris Property Maintenance. Daniel was so professional and efficient. A real nice and honest guy. I will definitly recommend.

Great grub from this spot...

Great grub from this spot...

We will now open the shop at eleven during the week and ten on the weekend and stay open later .
For late lunch or early dinner.
We have also added some more winter items. If you want juice, smoothie, Banh mi or bowl food 🍲 before 11 & 10 . It’s all available just order through Puck Espresso.
And for the people that haven’t realised Puck and Pluck are one.
Like a brother sister relationship.
Except we don’t fight as much.

Going to build a bar like this one day...

Going to build a bar like this one day...

Matilda's Cooking
Exciting times ahead...

Exciting times ahead...

What’s your favourite Limones dish?
We can’t wait to share our new location and favourite dishes with you again soon – stay tuned…
#limonesrestaurant #relocating #staytuned #italianfinedining

Bar Reno’s ....

Bar Reno’s ....

E Shed Markets

We are open today! Don’t let this weather spoil your Sunday, we are open in rain, hail and shine. Our vendors are ready to keep you company in this stormy weather. Live music starts from 12.45pm today (Sunday). Come have lunch with us at E Shed Markets. #eshedmarkets



Looking forward to this little project opening... sensational views... well done guys...
Fremantle story

Looking forward to this little project opening... sensational views...
well done guys...

The views from National Hotel rooftop bar will be awesome!

Eco Guardians Pty Ltd

It is an Australian requirement to have a grease trap installed at any commercial kitchen. Read about how we provided an efficicent solution for Captain Cook Cruises: http://bit.ly/EGblog4

The Henley Brook

Want to be a part of the Swan Valley's local roost?

The fun, fast and friendly team here at The Henley Brook need a new Full Time Chef de Partie to join our ranks!

The team are looking for a strong, well experienced chef who enjoys a fast paced kitchen, working hard and having fun!

Previous experience in a similar role is essential to be successful with your application. Unfortunately this doesn't include midnight Mie Goreng!

Opportunities to let your creative juices flow matched with extremely good hours and working conditions.

All you need is skills, a good attitude and the right to work full time in Australia!

If you feel you could become the next member of the team then please email - [email protected] with your CV

The West Australian

How brilliant is this new mural outside Fremantle's Federal Hotel, celebrating Bon Scott (and others)?

Pic: Sharon Smith

READ MORE: http://bit.ly/2KlYbtv



Market life

KAZOOMIES-Feel Good Food Restaurant

The incredible musical duo that is Gillian and Charly will now be playing on the first Sunday of each month at Kazoomies 🎶
So please mark your calendars and book a table if you like your breakfast with a side of Four on Six 🎻 🎸

I use these guys and what a team, no stress, flexible and efficient...Enjoy

I use these guys and what a team, no stress, flexible and efficient...

The WA Electric Company can install all your electrical needs. From simple power points to commercial projects, we cover domestic, industrial, security and sub divisions in and around the Perth region. We pride ourselves in a high standard of workmanship, excellent customer service, and reasonable quotes. Please review our ratings before giving us a call today. We'd love to hear from you.

Kevin Mb: 0411 463 323
Cris Mb: 0450 064 901
[email protected]

#waelectricco #electrical #perth #fremantle #rewire #renovations #service


Great product...

Elegance in style and in details are the strengths of the Afinox #pastry display cabinets, which ensure optimal preservation of creams and desserts by preserving their flavor and fragrance over time. Discover the whole Afinox line designed for #confectioners, ice cream makers and cake designers:


SBS Australia

The last straw...

Hey Australia, this campaign wants you to ditch your plastic straws.

Friday fridge delivery... we make stuff happen...

Friday fridge delivery... we make stuff happen...

Cherie Stokic Presentation Coach

Well done guys and gals.. privilege to be involved.. keep on keeping on...

When an Idea turns into Reality...

Two friends...an electrical engineer and an accountant...were having a few beers on Rottnest Island and thought...wouldn't it be great if someone delivered pizza. Some months later they are the proud owners of Frankies on Rottnest!

They have been busy since opening in December. The food is first class, the service is super fast (we waited only 5 mins for our delicious seafood linguine and tasty pizza). The seafood is so fresh!

It's so lovely to see the staff so happy! A great culture is the key.

What idea could you turn into a reality...

Frankie's on Rotto

Frankie’s Oyster bar - Now Open!!

Williams Cameo custom fridge arriving at its new home... Higher Grounds...Enjoy

Williams Cameo custom fridge arriving at its new home... Higher Grounds...


2/153 Rockingham Road
Perth, WA


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